Slash Through All The Bullshhh

Dunlop Cry Baby for Slash fans   24-Mar-11



Really digging this new poster for the Slash signature Cry Baby, here's what Dunlop have to say about it:

The Slash Wah deploys a searing high gain distortion coupled with the Fasel-loaded Classic circuit for instant lead tone that not only cuts through, but sings with a sweet and lush top end.

Convenient LEDs indicate distortion on/off and wah on/off modes, so there's no more guessing game every time you put your foot down.

And with the batteries readily accessible from the top of the rocker pedal, you don't have to fumble with a screwdriver when it's time to re-power. So get your boot on a Dunlop Slash Wah. Top hat not included.


Rich Beech



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