Metallica Blast 3D Concert Rumours

Official statement from the band denies 3D DVD   24-Mar-11


Yesterday brought the rather controversial news that a company called Front Row Networks, Inc. were to release a 3D Metallica concert to the public. Ultimate Guitar quoted the Front Row CEO as saying:

"By packaging new 3D events, and state of the art 2D 1080p conversion to 3D, Front Row Networks can create the preeminent distribution, and broadcasting channel for what has become one of the hottest sectors in entertainment.

"We have achieved the first step of acquiring the footage, and conversion technology, and once we have secured all applicable distribution rights, distributing the event through our channels will generate revenues for both the company and the artist creating a steady stream of products for Front Row."

Twenty Four hours later, Metallica dispelled the rumours with the help of their legal team. The band released this statement on their website:

Don't believe everything you read . . . 

“You may have seen some recent news linking us with Writers Group Film Corp. and their subsidiary Front Row Networks . . . we're here to let you know that their claim of acquiring unique live video footage for future release is totally FALSE. We don't even know who these guys are! 

“We're certainly into new technology and think 3D is super cool . . . as always, you'll read it here first when we've got 'Tallica release news.”

For now you'll just have to watch them like they are in the Youtube video above, in all the glory of 2D!


Rich Beech



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