Jam Party Remixed Demo Available Now

With some harsh words from Zivix LLC   02-Mar-11


So you may have caught our article on Jan 26th, concerning a brand new guitar game which was fully compatible with a real guitar from Peavey (The Hero Maker).

My initial reaction, as a huge fan of guitar games was that this could potentially blow everything else out of the water. Zivix LLC were boasting that their Jam Party Remixed game had a function where you could compose your own songs, and then share them online.

It'd be stupid not to make comparisons between Jam Party and Guitar Hero or Rock Band. It's obviously in direct competition. So a lot of people have been quite eager to see how it performs. Well today the demo has been released and it's available through this link:


It looks pretty rocking, and it needs to, as we also reported recently that Activision were ceasing development on Guitar Hero. Apparently the music sector is losing out to other markets within the gaming world. But, according to Chad Koehler of Zivix LLC, that's because previous games may have been a bit... standard:

After the recent and inevitable demise of the ‘status quo’ in music games, the outpouring of support from musicians as well as fans of music-based games has been overwhelmingly positive for our entirely different approach to the genre.”

Chad goes on to say: “We’re injecting a whole new element here that hasn’t been properly done before which incorporates actual music creation and sharing in the social space. Fans everywhere are now able to experience JamParty: Remixed for themselves with this free demo.”

So, download the demo and let us know what you think!


Rich Beech



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