Tom Morello Performs At Rally

Rage guitarist in support of workers' unions   23-Feb-11

Tom Morello Performs At Rally
Courtesy of Creative Commons

It's great to see Tom Morello doing this, one of the most politically aware men in rock music, and a Harvard graduate to boot. Rolling Stone has reported that the Rage guitarist was performing and giving talks to demonstrators at the protests inside the Wisconsin State Capital building in Madison.

Governor Walker is aiming to end the rights of workers to bargain as a collective union, and this has caused a protest in support of the unions.

Tom Morello told Rolling Stone Magazine:

"They think people aren't paying attention, that they can just sneak through this legislation that would rob us of decades, centuries of social progress. We didn't pick this fight. [Governor Walker] tapped us on the shoulder and said 'let's fight.' And now we're gonna knock his legislative teeth out."

Morello was joined by Tim Mcilrath (Rise Against), Wayne Kramer (MC5), and Street Dogs (A Boston folk group).

For the full interview and story, head to Rolling Stone's website.


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