The End Is Nigh For Guitar Hero

Activision to cease development on the franchise   10-Feb-11

Rolling Stone have reported that Acvtision are to halt development on the Guitar Hero series. This is devastating news for gamers everywhere, who may now be forced to buy a real guitar and join a band.

But whether you love Guitar Hero, or find yourself indifferent to it, the move from Activision does actually spell out some rather worrying news for music industry, especially the rock genre.

Activison cited the reason behing the discontination of the game as being due to "continued declines in the music genre", at a time that sees chart rock music sales plummeting on both sides of the Atlantic.

In spite of this, there are numerous other music based games on the market, including the popular Rock Band, and Jam Party. The latter of which is released in association with Peavey's Hero Maker Guitar.

For more info check out this article from AV Club, and to see what could be the last DLC from Guitar Hero, watch the Youtube video above.

Rich Beech



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