Ready For Freak Guitar 2011?

Mattias Eklundh announces this year's camp on Facebook   03-Feb-11

The Freak of GuitarSwedish metal band, Freak Kitchen, gained a dedicated following in the inner circle of the metal fraternity after the release of their 1994 album - Appetizer. Seven albums later, and guitarist Mattias Eklundh has his own signature guitar, and a legion of fans who all want to learn how to create solos purely with a whammy bar and some harmonics.

Eklundh has obviously seen a market for this and runs the Freak Guitar Camp, and he announced this year's workshop to his 5000 Facebook friends on Tuesday.

Three weeks of workshops are scheduled, from 25th-30th July, 1st-6th August, and 9th-14th August. For more information head to the Freak Guitar website, where amongst other things, you will find the following blurb detailing the event:

"The Guru", a.k.a Mattias IA Eklundh, will lead the God-fearing classes during daytime, teaching his various unique techniques; picking, tapping, harmonics, phrasing, riffs, exotic tonality, finger-picking, reduction, poly-rhythms and odd time stuff that will turn your whole concept of music up side down!
IA's six-stringed-spanking starts right after breakfast and continue until dinner in the afternoon (plus lunch and a couple of breaks for occasional caffeine and refreshments).

There will also be talk about on how to make it on your own in the 21st century, how to make a living from your music, how to survive in show business, e t c. We will sink our teeth into the song-writing process and dissect several tunes to see what make them work (and what to avoid when composing).
Every now and then we will throw in a Freak Hour
and check out those favourite licks and beefy riffs of yours.


 Rich Beech




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