Low Cost Alternative To Pedal Boards

Softamats may be the lightweight solution   01-Feb-11


For those of us with huge pedal racks, then hard-case pedal boards are pretty much a necessity. But if you're only using a small rig then shelling out on a board might not be the most cost-effective solution. Well JHS have released Softamats, made from the same material as their drum practice pads. The idea is that you can keep 3 or 4 pedals and a Softamat in a small bag, then take them out ready for a gig and use the Softamat to keep your pedals from slipping around the stage.

Keep bass drum pedals, hi-hats, keyboards, guitar FX and other instrument pedals firmly in place on any surface with new SOFTAMATS non-slip, ‘anti-creep’ musical instrument pedal mats. The unique, hard-wearing material is designed to last, tried and tested by musicians for durability, reliability and strength of grip. SOFTAMATS work on all surfaces – wooden floors, laminated floors, vinyls, tiles, carpet and are particularly useful on stage or in the theatre pit, just place the SOFTAMAT in position between the pedal and the floor (flat side up on carpet – flat side down on other surfaces).

Rich Beech



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