WNAMM11: The Amps That Rocked Hardest

We round-up the guitar amp action from NAMM11   27-Jan-11

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There were some big releases on the amp circuit this year, with Marshall and Blackstar both announcing hot news at the show. We've put all of the big stories in one place for your viewing pleasure:



  • Marshall had two big products to boast about at NAMM. First up was Slash's new signature amp - the AFD100, we covered a piece on the amp when the first professional sound recording of the amp was released. Marshall were also displaying the fabled YJM100 amp, there were a lot of internet rumours about what the amp was, as Marshall had released the name of the amp prior to NAMM. Well in the video, Nick Bowcott tells us all about the amp, and dispels the rumours.
  • There was a lot of buzz surrounding Kemper's new profiling amp, this year. The amp listens to the sound of any other amplifier, analyses what it hears, and then replicates the sound. So essentially, if you wanted a range of different amps in one gig, all you'd do is profile the amps you want to emulate with your Kemper beforehand, and then just set-up the pre-amp through a nice cab.
  • Blackstar showed us the new Series One 200W heads, and the HT1 - a one watt combo and head. Even through our tiny radio microphone, you can hear that the tone is incredible. The variety of sound is also refreshing, from UK crunch tones to US hi-gain.
  • Bugera took us through a whole range of new products this year, in fact our video coverage of their new products was almost 15 minutes long. First on the list was the Magician Infinium, a Boutique style, 85-watt, 3-channel valve combo with Varipower and Infinium valve life multiplier. Essentially this amp is like having a range of different vintage amps, all built in to one combo. The Varipower system means that you can achieve those cranked soft-clip valve sounds at low volume levels, check out the video for full explanation. 


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