WNAMM11: Randall Announces Updated RG80 Combo

The RG8040 is a 40th anniversary updated reissue of the Randall RG80 solid-state combo   24-Jan-11

WNAMM11: Randall Announces Updated RG80 Combo

Here's the press release...
Randall proudly debuts the 40th anniversary RG8040 combo amplifier, a groundbreaking homage to the 'Randall Sound'. Based on the historic RG80, the Randall amp that helped define and establish a legacy of killer tone and brutal volume, this 75 watt solid state amp is reliable, affordable and most importantly, great sounding. Like the RG80, it is a 1x12 combo that is small in size but big in volume!
The heart of the RG80 is the FET based preamp. This classic, and often mimicked, Randall circuit sounds unlike any other solid-state amp in that it reacts with your guitar in a similar sonic characteristic as does a tube, thus creating a unique dynamic that has the depth and tonal complexity that flat-sounding modeling amps cannot achieve. The other key component is the new 100w "DIAVLO" Speaker. This high-powered proprietary speaker was specially voiced for the RG8040 to handle high volume in a small cabinet and break up nice when pushed.
The RG8040 is equipped with a clean channel with Gain, Bright switch, overdrive boost and volume, a distortion channel with separate volume and enough gain that only the brave will engage the 'secret' boost function. A global 3 Band EQ with presence control, bass boost and Midrange scoop lets one carve out any tonal option. Many very practical features also complement the amp including XLR Direct out with Ground Lift, Effect loop, Stereo Media input, headphone output and foot-switchable channels, boost and reverb. Attach any extension cabinet, such as the DIAVLO RD112 to turn this combo amp into an impressive stack.
Pricing and Availability:
The RG8040 anniversary combo amplifier will be available in Q2 2011 priced in the UK at £249 RRP inc VAT. More information:

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