WNAMM11: Low Down On Slash Signature Amp

Marshall take us through the AFD100   19-Jan-11

Sorry this is a flash video which has been depreciated, we're working on bringing the archives back online.

   2:46 mins

The limited edition AFD100 amp is designed to give you the tone made famous by Slash on albums such as Appetite For Destruction.

There are some really cool features on the AFD100, such as the electronic power attenuation which can take the wattage of the head anywhere from 100 watts right down to 1 watt, without compromising tone.

Because the amp-head is a limited edition and there is a huge demand around the globe, many are predicting that the amp will go up in value after it's bought, so it could be a clever purchase. As it stands, the amp will retail for just under $2000.

Check out the vid for more info.

Rich Beech



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