WNAMM11: All The New EVH Gear

Wolfgang Custom, Stealth, and the 5150   19-Jan-11

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Chris Cannella of Fender takes us through all of the latest gear from Eddie Van Halen's very own line of guitars and amps, EVH.

First up is the Wolfgang Custom, Eddie's shreddable take on a classic '58 design - very nice. With a compound radius fingerboard, graphite rods going into the headstock, and the Wolfgang chrome covered pickups, this guitar retails at around $3500.

Chris then shows us the next Wolfgang to hit the streets, the Wolfgang Stealth. This marks a step away from the Maple theme prefered by Eddie, instead the Stealth has an Ebony fretboard, inkeeping with its completely black design.

Another new development at EVH is the 50 watt version of the 5150, retailing at just $999, the interest in the head has been phenomenal. The smaller version of the 5150 is still an all tube amp-head, and has three channels, but virtually at half the price of its big brother.

To top off our visit to the NAMM EVH booth, self-taught 14-year-old EVH enthusiast, Rafael Caro demonstrates the new Wolfgang Custom by playing Halen classic, Eruption.


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