WNAMM11: Peavey Announce New Addition To TransTube Series

Peavey Special 212 combo makes its debut   16-Jan-11

WNAMM11: Peavey Announce New Addition To TransTube Series

Here's the Peavey press release...
In 1995, Peavey® Electronics revolutionized the guitar amplifier industry with its patented TransTube® technology. Peavey had unlocked the secret of realistic tube emulation, spawning one of the most successful solid-state guitar amplifier series in history: the Peavey TransTube Series.
Today, the TransTube circuitry is still the pinnacle of tube emulation technology, powering the screaming distortion of Peavey's award winning Vypyr® line of modeling amplifiers and the new addition to the enduring TransTube amplifier line, the Peavey Special 212™ combo.
The Special 212 features an all-new 100-watt TransTube output power section, on-board reverb and analog chorus, effects loop, and 2x12" Peavey Blue Marvel® loudspeakers.
The Special 212 boasts two channels, a Clean channel with 3-band EQ plus Presence control and a Lead channel with 3-band EQ and gain control with footswitchable boost, plus mid scoop and master volume. The Special 212 also features analog chorus with depth and rate controls and versatile spring reverb. Combine these features with Peavey's gold-standard reliability, and the Special 212 is a must-have amplifier.
  • 100-watt TransTube output section
  • 2x12" Peavey Blue Marvel loudspeakers
  • 2 channels (Clean and Lead)
  • Analog Chorus with Depth and Rate Controls
  • Effects loop
  • Spring Reverb
  • Clean channel features 3-band EQ plus a Presence control
  • Lead channel features 3-band EQ, Gain control with Boost, Mid scoop and master volume
  • Footswitch jack for global effects defeat, boost and channel switching
Features, specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice. Pricing and Availability:
MSRP $499.99 More information:

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