WNAMM11: AC30 In Red

Vox announce the AC30C2-RD (Limited Vintage Red Edition) Custom Series Guitar Amplifier   15-Jan-11

WNAMM11: AC30 In Red

Vox tell us that the AC30C2 tube combo amp is now available in a limited Vintage Red edition. Here's what they have to say about it... From their earliest origins to the present day, VOX has sent numerous custom-colour and limited-colour amplifiers out into the world. Ranging from standard colours such as grey, blue, green, and purple to original colours such as two-tone and tan, this range of variation goes far beyond that of other amp brands. Each of these models has represented a further enhancement of the superb VOX design and unique look, and has captured the interest of guitarists in every generation. Now, this limited edition Vintage Red AC30C2 follows in the footsteps of the highly desirable AC15C1 Vintage Red model. With a character that differs from the limited red on VOX amps of recent years, this model projects a weightier and deeper feeling. It's an excellent match for the AC30C2 – and will project a powerful presence in any environment; on stage, in the studio, or at home.
Pricing and Availability:
Price: £TBC
Availability: March 2011 More information:

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