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Lemmy interview with IHeartGuitar   15-Dec-10


Peter Hodgson from I Heart Guitar recently conducted an interview with none other than Motorhead frontman, Lemmy Kilmister.

The legendary musician talked about the band's new album (The World Is Yours), a bit of history, but most importantly about gear!

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Your signature Marshall amp is very cool. 

The old Marshall stack. It’s most gratifying, y’know? It proves I was doing something right, I think? They just took one of my old amps, which has been on the road with me for years, and fucked around with it. They didn’t remember making it! They said ‘We have no prints for this. We don’t know what this is! Have you modified it?’ and I said ‘No, I’ve just fitted a new output transformer a couple of times, that was it.’ They were like ‘Oh wow.’ The Lemmy stack is a bit more toppy than the ones I’ve got. They made it a bit too much like a Super Lead amp because that was the only one they had a plan for! Hahaha.

I guess you would have seen some very early Marshalls when you were a roadie for Hendrix? 

Yeah, I did that for about six, seven months. He used to use a stack of Marshalls and a stack of… what was it… there was a shop in London used to make their own stacks, and he used to have one of those and a Marshall stack… Music City, yeah. They were both really good. He used to link them together, the output of one into the input of the other, so you’ve got what’s known as a slave amp. It was amazing working with him. Imagine, y’know? Fucking Jimi Hendrix, y’know? Jimi Hendrix!

Kudos to Peter for a cool interview, check the full article out here.

If you need a reminder of why Lemmy is one of the most hailed rock superstars of all time, check out the above fan-shot video of the bass player performing with Dave Grohl and Slash.





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