Win A ToneBug

Milan Polak and T-Rex Competition   29-Nov-10

Film yourself soloing over a backing track and win a T-Rex ToneBug. You might have to pull out something impressive though, as Milan Polak is one of the judges.

The Judges:
Laurie Monk:
Julian Puttins:
Joop Wolters:
Michael Pagaard/T-Rex:
Milan Polak: 

The Prizes:
1) T-Rex ToneBug Chorus/Flanger
2) T-Rex ToneBug Phaser
3) T-Rex ToneBug Distortion

The Steps you need to take to enter:
1) Subscribe to
2) Then download the backing track
3) Video your response solo 
4) and then post your video in response to this video (put name of the competition and your full REAL name in the title!):
5) Promote your video
6) Win!

Backing Track chord sequence is: 

part a) Amin9 / Dmaj (A Dorian)
part b) Fmaj9 / Cmaj7 / Fmaj9/ Cmaj7 - Gmaj (A Aeolian)

T-Rex gives the following info about what they want to hear from your solo:

"What we are looking for: great improvisation or composition. great tone, note selection, a ONE TAKE solo, no harmonies, no double tracking, just you with the backing track.
Multiple submissions are? allowed and there are no country or age limits!"

Rich Beech



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