Hendrix's Prize Guitar for Sale

Jimi's Epiphone in public auction   22-Nov-10

Jimi Hendrix's prized Epiphone acoustic is up for sale at a public auction next month at Bonham's in London.

It has been predicted that the guitar, on which Jimi is rumoured to have arranged his cover of "All Along The Watchtower", will sell for over £150,000. It is thought by Hendrix experts that the guitar may have only cost the guitarist $24 when he bought it in New York.

The guitar was purchased before the guitar icon's rise to fame, and sources close to the musician claim he had a great attachment towards it. Hendrix's ex-girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham, told The Sun newspaper: "Jimi loved that guitar... he played it constantly."

Now the guitar will end up in the hands of the lucky highest bidder at the auction on December 15. The bid will have to be a high one, as the last Hendrix guitar to go up for auction sold for nearly half-a-million dollars.

Rich Beech


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