Ernie Ball Gigbag Amp

Ernie Ball to team up with Marshall   12-Nov-10

Ernie Ball are to release the practical solution for busking guitarists; an amp combined with a soft guitar-case. Marshall have provided the amplifier itself, whilst Ernie Ball have designed the product.

Here's what Ernie Ball have to say:

"This new Gigbag Amp is a one of a kind product that combines a portable, practical solution for both guitar and amplifier. The plug in and play feature makes this the perfect practice/performance tool wherever you go."

"Don’t let its size fool you; This compact, lightweight, battery- powered amp features 2 channels with independent gain, tone, and volume controls. Giving it the power to cut through any loud subway tunnel or busy street corner. The plug and play portability and transformable gigbag stand makes set-up a breeze. The amplifier also features an MP3/IPOD input so you can jam along to any backing track of your choice or listen to your favorite songs through the stereo speakers. An 1/8” headphone jack allows for private practice when needed: making this all in one solution the perfect gift for any musician from the beginner, to the seasoned professional."

Rich Beech


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