David Gilmour Hopes For A Better Music Industry

Floyd guitarists says record industry falling apart   04-Nov-10

"I keep waiting for someone who is as good as the old favourites I love, like Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, but I wait in vain. I can only live in hope," David told The Daily Express.

Gilmour also says the industry has completely changed shape recently. "The old record industry is falling apart," he said. "The new system is run via a different system and the internet is driving it. I don't know at what point, one will look back at it and think of this period as a blip, but I suspect something like that will happen."

This isn't a new or unsual statement from Gilmour, the 1975 track, "Welcome To The Machine", explored Pink Floyd's negative feelings towards to music industry and modern society.

Rich Beech



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