Neil Young's Le Noise - The Film

Mini-Movie Celebrates Young's Raw Psychedelic Power   01-Oct-10

Neil Young's new record, Le Noise, is generating a lot of buzz. It's a simple collection of guitar songs - but it's Neil Young and it's produced by frequent Eno collaborator Daniel Lanois

The production of the new album has an almost mythic history, too. Young only wanted to record on nights when there was a full moon, he plays the white Gretsch that was sound of some of his 60's and 70's classics, and Lanois's carefully crafted guitar treatments, according to Young, "sounded like God."

Young has released a 40-minute film on YouTube that features performances of Le Noise, filmed at Lanois' home studio in Los Angeles. 

Don't miss Young's psychedelic performance of The Hitchhiker, which starts about 21:30 into the film. 

Le Noise is available now. 

James Lewin
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