Kiss Appear In Television Commercial

Legendary rockers on Swedish TV   21-Sep-10

Legendary rock band KISS have appeared in a television commercial for Svenska Spel, a Swedish lottery operator group.

Chief executive, Tom Romero, approached KISS with the idea of creating more revenue for the New Mexico Lottery for funding higher-education scholarships:

"KISS puts a fresh, fun face on Scratcher entertainment," Romero said. "The band's images are instantly recognizable and when those faces are big and bold on a Scratcher ticket, they will get both loyal and lapsed players talking about why it's fun to play all New Mexico Lottery games." 

In New Mexico, the sale of lottery games benefits a college tuition-assistance program called Legislative Lottery Scholarships. The New Mexico Lottery predicts that a KISS Scratcher could create $900,000 in scholarship revenue. 

Rich Beech



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