New Radiohead Album On The Way

Greenwood looking for best digital release option   20-Sep-10

New Radiohead Album On The Way

Colin Greenwood, Radiohead bassist, has written an online essay discussing the progress of the band's new music.

According to the article, Radiohead, "have just finished another group of songs, and have begun to wonder about how to release them in a digital landscape that has changed again." The band's previous album, In Rainbows, was released digitally online, without the initial support of a record label. Fans could listen to the album using the "Pay What You Want" scheme.

As yet there is no name for the album, or even a release date. Greenwood wrote that he longs for some of the old ways of doing business, despite the fact that Radiohead have pioneered new ways of releasing their music.

Whilst Greenwood harks back to the good old days, the band's drummer, Philip Selway, is looking for collaborators to the song "Beyond Reason" from his debut solo album Familial, which Nonesuch released in North America on August 31.

For four weeks (started on Thursday, September 16), remixers can visit the Indaba Music site here to create their own version of the song.



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