'Shred Kitten' Shows Off Her iPad Rig

Jacqueline Mannering On Amplitube iRig   17-Sep-10

Jacqueline Mannering, aka "Shred Kitten" riffs, in this IK Multimedia demo video, with AmpliTube iRig and her Dean Dime USA Razorback Trans Black Flame.

The new iRig interface adapter is designed to be an easy way to get your instrument's signal into an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

To use iRig:

  • Pplug iRig into your mobile device;
  • Plug your instrument into the iRig;
  • Plug headphones or amplifier to the output and you're ready to rock. 

The iRig works with AmpliTube, but also any other recording, processing or tuning app for iOS devices. You can also use the iRig with line level signal sources, such as synthesizers, keyboards or mixers.

Pricing and Availability

The iRid interface is available now for US $39.99. AmpliTube for iOS is available in free and paid versions. 


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news

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