International TV Tribute To Les Paul

Paul McCartney and Slash will pay respects on international broadcast   17-Aug-10

He was the man responsible for half of the technology we use today. Multi-track recording, delay pedals, pitch shifting, and his own signature guitar are just some of the great things that Les Paul has given us. The Gibson Les Paul is now used by guitarists all over the world, and has been for almost 60 years.

Billy Gibbons, Slash and Al Di Meola can be seen paying their respects to Les Paul on this CNN trailer, and will feature in a TV tribute to the Godfather of the electric guitar.

Les Paul died one year ago, and his legacy will remain with guitarists for generations to come. The CNN programme will air internationally on cable and sattelite on August 26th at 11:30 and 16:30 GMT.

Rich Beech



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