New Kill Pots from Shadow

Machine Gun your Guitar   09-Apr-10

New Kill Pots from Shadow

There's a couple of ways to get that famed 'machine gun' sound on your guitar... first way is bashing seven shades of s*&% from your toggle switch... much cooler way is to fit a 'Kill Pot' which works by momentarily muting the output when you press the pot - it can be either on your Volume knob or the Tone, up to you.

A few guitars come out the box with one fitted - in fact our resident reviewer and shred-meister Rob Chapman designed one into his first commercially released guitar, the ML-1 - but it's an easy retro-fit, courtesy of the new SH 124 from Shadow.

They come in 3 different models, for Active, Single Coil and Humbucker pickups.

And only 22 Euro.

Hmmm, such a proliferation of cheap armaments could attract the attention of the next round of Arms Limitation Talks...




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