BOSS Releases the TU-3 Tuner pedal

Update to the Best-Selling TU-2   06-Apr-10

You could say the Tuner has become the mobile phone of the guitar world... almost everybody has one, and probably couldn't imagine what life was like before they were invented.

The BOSS TU-2 tuner pedal was apparently the 'best-selling pedal of all time' [according to BOSS, that is], so I'd imagine the updated TU-3 version which is now shipping, will go on to be just as successful.

Here's what they say about it:-


"BOSS has been the industry leader in instrument tuning technology since 1983, when it introduced the TU-12, the world’s first automatic chromatic tuner. This technology was later integrated into the popular BOSS compact pedal format with the TU-2, a stompbox that has gone on to become the bestselling pedal of all time. The TU-3 simply makes the best even better by adding a number of functional enhancements to the original’s solid specs.

Housed in a rugged BOSS stompbox chassis, the TU-3 is built to last. The new high-brightness meter mode improves visibility under bright sunlight, and a newly designed 21-segment meter light ensures super accurate and visible tuning. The proprietary BOSS Accu-Pitch® function visually verifies when the target pitch is attained. The sound output is muted while the tuner is on, allowing players to tune silently on stage.

Tuning modes include Chromatic and Guitar/Bass, which allows players to tune by string number, now with support for seven-string guitars and six-string basses. The TU-3’s LED meter and arrow indicators clearly show when the instrument is in tune, with two different display modes to choose from.

To address the growing popularity of drop tunings in Metal and Hard Rock music styles, Flat Tuning mode allows players to calibrate the TU-3 for tunings up to six half-steps below standard pitch. The tuner’s reference pitch can be adjusted as well, over a range of 436-445Hz.

The TU-3 is now shipping with a retail price of $160.50."



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