MESSE10: New Pedals from T-Rex

More Vintage Fridge than Dinosaur   01-Apr-10

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I must admit I like the design of T-Rex gear - it's a curious mixture of hi-tech wizardry with 1950's style Americana... think big old refridgerators and Cadillacs... so when I spotted the T-Rex booth, I thought I'd check out what was new.

They have a couple of new offerings in the Tonebug range:-

  • a Dual mode Phaser, with Vintage and Modern settings, and
  • a Chorus+Flanger - with both effects in one box.

The Dual theme was continued with another addition to the Classic range; now you can get 2 Mudhoneys in one box with the Mudhoney II.

Apparently some folks liked the pedal so much they bought two of them and chained them together in series... so now you can do it in one box.

And lastly, one for the bassists too - the new Octavius works with both guitar and bass, and offers a blend of high as well as low octave sounds.

We asked Torsten Cubel (who had one of the coolest beards at the show... looked like he was wearing Cousin It on his chin ;-) to give us a quick run down...

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