MESSE10: Moog Guitar E1-M With MIDI

Piezo pickup aids tracking speed   30-Mar-10

No flash plug

4:17 mins

Moogs new E1 guitar - a less fancy version of the Moog Guitar - that is less ornate luthier(ing) - not as fancy wood work and inlay etc, but with the same Moog electronics found in the original Moog guitar.

Also available as an add on thats - the M part.

New In the E1-M:

  • Works With the Latest MIDI Converters and Virtual Guitar Systems
  • Fast, Accurate Tracking, Low Latency Design
  • Industry-Standard 13 Pin Hex Output
  • Magnetic and Piezo Pickup Signals Still Accessible
  • Added Controls: MIDI Volume, Output Toggle & MIDI Patch Change Toggle


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