Matchless Factory Tour - The Birth Of An Amp

It was a beautiful moment I can tell you   12-Mar-10

No flash plug

    MP4 8:32 mins

After NAMM came the rain, and boy did it ever rain.
Gone were our dreams of lounging in the hot tub in the motel - so what if it was in the parking lot? So we took the opportunity to accept a kind invitation to take a look around the Matchless Amplifiers factory in West Los Angeles to shelter from the rain and also to witness the birth of an amplifier.
In this case the C-30 - voted by Guitarist Magazine as the "Fourth Most Desirable Amplifier in the World" - EVER!

Phil Jamison - Mr Matchless himself takes us through the final stages of the birthing process - but dont worry, there's nothing unsavory going on here, its a beautiful moment.
Plus a top tip ons shielding amps from mobile phone interference.



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