WNAMM10: 65Amps Really Do Rock

Take a listen   24-Jan-10

No flash plug

9:3 mins

A very tasty brace of amps here, with some real attention to detail from the makers. They really understand whats needed for those classic tube tones.

Here's what they say about their products:

5amps were not conceived as products, so every part, every decision about components and build were made to create the best possible amp; design decisions were not based on economics or marketing angles. We evolve our circuits to a point beyond the same 10 circuits that everyone bases their amps on and takes them to a point of greatly increased vocabulary. This gives the player many more tones, sounds, and options. 
We try to combine useful families of tones uniquely into one amp so that our amps are not "one trick ponies". Most find that all 65amps are unusually versatile and robust. 

We spend an inordinate amount of time and money creating optimized transformers with Mercury Magnetics. We only use the highest quality components and build-quality for our transformer sets. This is an element of amp building that cannot be compensated for; transformers are the heart of the amplifier. It's add a lot of expense, but it's well worth it!




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