WNAMM10: Bugera Unveils Boutique-Style Guitar Amp

BC30-212 is an all-valve 30-Watt two-channel valve combo with true tube rectifier   22-Jan-10

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5:58 mins
WNAMM10: Bugera Unveils Boutique-Style Guitar Amp

Here's the press release:
With the arrival of the new BUGERA BC30-212, the electric guitar has finally met its perfect match. The BC30 is modeled after one of the most famous amps in history and provides the ultimate tone and sound variety. This amp responds to the subtlest characteristics of a guitarist's playing style. Channel One's dual 12AX7 preamp valves work together to produce a smooth, mild tone, while Channel 2's single ECC83A produces high-gain sounds. Each channel features its own effects loop. The BC30-212 employs two different 12" BUGERA speakers for miking options: the 12G100B8 delivers a high-sensitivity, aggressive sound, while the 12G80A8 delivers a warm, round low-end and clear midrange.
The EL84 power stage works hand-in-hand with the all-valve rectifier to produce naturally compressed, sustained notes. The BC30-212 can use either a single 5AR4 rectifier valve to deliver saturation, or a pair of 5U4 valves (not included) for a subtle tone.
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