WNAMM10: Rectangular Cab, Triangular Speaker Chambers

3RD Power reveals innovative Switchback 212 guitar cabinet with removable vent lids for choice of open- or closed-back operation   20-Jan-10

WNAMM10: Rectangular Cab, Triangular Speaker Chambers
Switchback 212 rear view showing one of the vents

Here's the press release...
3RD Power Amplification, which caused a huge stir last year with its innovative triangular cabinet design, has announced a new cabinet with dual 12-inch speakers – and another innovative twist. The Switchback™212 is a rectangular cabinet with a pair of premium Celestion Vintage 30 loudspeakers, each housed in its own triangular chamber, eliminating the standing waves and boxy sound inherent in conventional cabinet design. In addition, the Switchback 212 features removable vent lids on the back, allowing the user to achieve either open- or closed-back operation – or a simultaneous combination of the two!
"The speaker cabinet is the final link in the audio chain for guitarists," notes 3RD Power founder and designer Jamie Scott. "An open back makes it easier to achieve tweed-inspired tonality, while a closed back is great for plexi-type tones. With the Switchback 212's removable vent lids, you can do both."
The Switchback 212 is perfect for use with either of 3RD Power's tube amplifiers – the hand-wired HD100 classic valve amp, or the new rack-mount SV3015 stereo valve amp. The cabinet handles 120 Watts of mono power (or dual 60 Watt stereo). Impedance is 8 ohms mono/16 ohms stereo. The Switchback 212 measures 29x20.5x14 inches and weighs 62 pounds.
"Probably the biggest single request we got after introducing the HLH312 enclosure last year was for a smaller version of the system," says Jamie Scott. "Once we found a way to maintain our triangular cabinet shape within a rectangular cabinet, we knew we had something special. And adding the option of either vented or closed-back operation takes it to another level. I love playing through this cab!"
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