WNAMM10: Fender Introduce The American Special Series

Telecaster and two Stratocaster guitar models debut   20-Jan-10

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WNAMM10: Fender Introduce The American Special Series

Here's Fender's press release:
The latest incarnations of Fender's famous Telecaster and Stratocaster models comprise the new American Special series-built "by the people and for people" as value-conscious "guitars for the times." They are designed specifically to bring the full Fender experience of a terrific-sounding, smooth-playing, rock-solid-built U.S.-made Fender guitar to the workingman without emptying his bank account.
The three instruments in the new series--the American Special Telecaster, American Special Stratocaster and American Special Stratocaster HSS--are highly affordable Fender electric guitars that are within the reach of an entire spectrum of players. As such, they share many features with their cousins in the acclaimed Highway Oneâ„¢ and American Standard series.
All three American Special guitars feature alder bodies with gloss urethane finishes, 9.5"-radius maple necks with jumbo frets, and Texas Specialâ„¢ pickups (the Stratocaster HSS has an Atomicâ„¢ humbucking bridge pickup).
The American Special Telecaster has a vintage-style string-through-body Telecaster bridge with three brass saddles, a black pickguard, and is available in Olympic White and Three-color Sunburst. American Special Stratocaster has a vintage-style synchronized tremolo and white pickguard, and is available in Candy Apple Red and Two-color Sunburst. The American Special Stratocaster HSS has a rosewood fingerboard, black pickguard and vintage-style synchronized tremolo, and is available in Black and Three-color Sunburst.
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