WNAMM10: The King Of Surf Guitar's Choice

Fender launches two Dick Dale acoustic guitars   16-Jan-10

WNAMM10: The King Of  Surf Guitar's Choice

Fender has launched a pair of Dick Dale Malibu guitars. Here's wjhat Fender have to say...
Dick Dale Limited Edition Malibu CE
To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the release of genre- and generation-defining 1962 album Surfer's Choice by the "King of Surf Guitar" himself, Dick Dale, Fender is pleased to present the unique and most-hip Dick Dale Limited Edition Malibu CE.
Features modeled after Dale's own signature Malibu a include 3"-deep body, onboard preamp with built-in tuner and reverse headstock. Coolest of all, the guitar bears Surfer's Choice album artwork designed by Dale and photos of the man himself in action atop the stage and atop the waves. An instant classic--just like the album that inspired it.

Dick Dale Signature Malibu
Two words--Dick Dale. The man whose cresting, crashing surf music defined a sound and a generation is at it again with his new signature Malibu. Designed by Dale himself with painstaking attention to detail, this amazing instrument is gloss-finished in beautiful "Surfin' Red" and features dual matching pickguards, 3" body depth for a more comfortable playing and less feedback when plugged in, Fishman pickup system with onboard tuner, and of course a reverse headstock.
Pricing and Availability:
Dick Dale Limited Edition Malibu CE: $450 MSRP
Dick Dale Signature Malibu: $850 MSRP More information:


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