Amped: TC Nova Drive - Turn Up The Heat

Analog overdrive and distortion   04-Jan-10

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8:26 mins


This is the second of our TC Nova pedal reviews, the Nova Repeater being the first, which we confess we found to be just the job.
The Nova Drive is a digitally controlled, analog overdrive and distortion pedal, combining both pedals into a single configurable device, in the only way TC know how.

The TC Nova pedals are getting a pretty good reputation, each in the range with something  special to offer. The Nova Drive (NDR-1) gives you two independent yet, routable effects - Overdrive and Distortion, each with separate controls, which allows routing  - OD-> Dist, Dist->OD, or both in parallel  - a combination that appeared to please the Monkey Lord.
  • Programmable All-analog drive circuit
  •   True Bypass
  •  Extensive routing options
  • Programmable control
  •  Integration with G-System

Rob Chappers aka The Monkey Lord, cranks it up to eleven and beyond. 

Available now:
RRP £219  MSRP $345
$249.00 at
$249.00 at
$249.00 at

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