Amped: TC Electronic Nova Repeater - It's EchoNomical

Advanced delay with simple operation   20-Nov-09

No flash plug

    MP4 8:20 mins

The TC Nova pedals are gaining quite a following, each in the range has something special to offer, and with this the Nova Repater,  there's no skimping on that front. With both analog and clean studio type delays, this pedal also offers modulation effects in the form of Chorus and Vibrato, as well as a few other useful tricks:

  • Spillover - the delay dies off after you cut the effect
  • Audio tapping - strum the tempo from your guitar to set the delay time
  • Adaptive Dynamic Delay - automatically set the threshold for delay ducking while playing

Rob Chappers aka The Monkey Lord, travels back (and forwards) in time to see if the Repeater makes him feel warm inside, or cold on the oustide...

Available now (just):
RRP £148.35  MSRP $235

$169.00 at



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