Amped: Tested - Digitech HardWire RV-7, DL-8 and CR-7

Reverb, Delay/Looper and Chorus   10-Nov-09

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Part two of our look at the Digitech Hardwire series of boutique style pedals.

Chappers (AKA The MonkeyLord) concludes with a look at the RV-7 Reverb, DL-8 Delay looper and CR-7 Chorus.

This range of pedals operates at a higher voltage than most, which means that it can work at higher levels and integrate into the effects loop and deal with both high and low guitar outputs.

In this section Rob takes a look at:
RV-7 Reverb

  • Reverb Types
    • Room – Fast decaying reverb; great for a touch of ambience
    • Plate – Renowned studio reverb heard on classic recordings
    • Reverse – Reverb in reverse; gradually crescendos to full volume
    • Modulated – Lush, modulating, reverb ideal for chords
    • Gated – Unique reverb with abrupt decay; good for percussive playing
    • Hall – Large, encompassing reverb with warm decay
    • Spring – Classic “surf” reverb; great for Rockabilly too!
  • Tails On/Off Switch – When on, reverb tails are not cut off in bypass
  • True Bypass circuitry preserves your tone in bypass
  • Constant high-voltage operation for tonal quality and noise reduction
  • HardWire Pedals include the following stage accessories
    • Stomplock™ knob guards lock your tone in place and prevent tampering or accidental knob adjustments onstage
    • Green gaffer tape helps you locate the pedal in adverse stage lighting
    • Custom-cut Velcro® pads attach and lock your pedals to your pedalboard

DL-8 Delay Looper

  • Delay Types
    • Digital
      • 0.5 Seconds – 150 ms to 500 ms (milliseconds)
      • 1 Second – 500 ms to 1 sec
      • 2 Seconds – 1 sec to 2 sec
      • 8 Seconds – 2 sec to 8 sec
    • Reverse
    • Modulated – chorused delay
    • Analog – vintage bucket brigade analog delay
    • Slapback – 80 ms to 150 ms
    • LoFi – low-fidelity delay
    • Tape – classic tube tape echo
    • Loop – infinite stereo loops up to 20 sec
  • Tails On/Off Switch – When on, delay tails are not cut off in bypass

CR-7 Stereo Chorus

  • Chorus Types
    • Studio— Studio quality chorus with a wide stereo image.
    • Multi – True 8-voice chorus; the lushest chorusing found in a pedal.
    • Modern – Rich and smooth dual voice chorusing.
    • Boutique – Special analog circuits that produce rich but quirky chorus sounds.
    • Analog – Distinct, organic bucket-brigade chorus.
    • Jazz – Single voice chorus with a dry output.
    • Vintage – Warm and versatile from subtle to euphoric.

Pricing and Availability

    RV-7 Stereo Reverb
RRP £149.50   $199.95
$149.95 at
    DL-8 Delay Looper
        RRP £161.00  $219.95 $159.95 at
   CR-7 Stereo Chorus
RRP £138.00  $189.95 $139.95 at



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