The Monkey Lord Descends on Marshall

Rob Chappers checks out the new gear from Marshall   11-Sep-09

Fraternity of the string I bring you greetings,

In an unusual twist this is a story about me...

A few days ago I was invited down to Marshall Amps in Milton Keynes to check out some of their new amps! They had just released the new 5 Watt combo - The “Class 5” and the new Haze range of valve mini stacks and combos. I was specifically interested in the new Class 5 since it is modelled on the old Blues breakers which were legendary! I was not let down:

I was blown away by the fantastic new gear and liked them so much that I am officially now a Marshall artist m/ Normally I would never write a story about myself but since the video became the 2nd most viewed music video in the UK, I figured it was excusable.  I will be receiving a Class 5, Haze Stack and the new JVM 50 watt head next week, so plenty of new amps to review for you Marshall fans.

Until Then!

Chappers out

The Monkey Lord

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