Alien Guitars - The Truth is Out There

High spec holographic guitars from the USA   04-Sep-09

Greetings gear addicts,

Guitar companies are always pushing the boundaries of design in an attempt to be the next big thing, and it looks like new kids on the block “Alien just raised the benchmark a few notches!

Alien Guitar are extremely high spec instruments. Hand assembled in Santa Barbara, neck through, Honduran Mahogany bodies, Seymour Duncan pickups, Graphite Rod enhanced necks the whole works.

But the real trick in Alien Guitars hand is their amazing finishes! Each guitar comes with a 3D skin – Or hologram finish, with artwork ranging from psychedelic patterns to naked chicks m/


Now although the holographic finishes may be an acquired taste, they are certainly original and eye catching. You would definitely stand out at a gig and with Spec as good as that I think Alien Guitars are probably as ear catching as they are eye catching.

Take it easy

Chappers out

Rob Chappers

The Monkey Lord

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