Who Is Gear Man Dude?

Does Jack Black really demo gear on Youtube?   24-Aug-09

Fraternity of the string I bring you greetings! On one of my recent travels around Youtube I came across a guy called Gear man Dude  http://www.youtube.com/gearmanndude  and noticed that rather a lot of guys seem to think that he is actor Jack Black. I will admit that he does have a fairly similar voice, mannerism and comedy delivery style to Jack Black so I suppose it is an intriguing possibility.

Of greater interest however is Gearmandude's fantastic effects pedal demos of which there are over 400. These excellent comparison videos are really well shot, with fantastic audio quality and cover almost every pedal you can think of, including some rare vintage gear. Is Gearmandude Jack Black? Well I guess the truth is out there (Insert Sci-Fi noise) but at the end of the day with cool demos like these... who cares?

Rob Chappers

The Monkey Lord

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