Joe Satriani Tips Hot New Blues Guitarist

Hot new blues artist from the Isle of Man   20-Aug-09

Last year I was in LA with my friend Eddie Kramer, the legendary producer/engineer for Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones to name but a few of the incredible artists he has worked with! While I was watching him re-master the whole of Woodstock at LAFX, he turned to me and said “You gotta check out this young kid I’ve been working with called Davey Knowles! He’s just like a modern day Eric Clapton”.


And true enough a year later I notice that PRS Guitars just snatched Davey up as an artist, a true sign that he is on track for greatness. However possibly the clearest sign that “Back door slam” will make it to the big time is that they just got off tour with Joe Satriani’s new band “Chicken foot” with Satch quoted as saying “Davey Knowles is my new favourite modern day blues-man”. Do you need much more of an excuse to go check him out?

Rob Chappers

The Monkey Lord

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