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Shiny Box of Valves kicks it out   03-Aug-09

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Vox are distributed by Korg and Korg have made a lot of popular products by miniaturizing them - see the Nano controllers f'rinstance. Vox appear to have put  their latest tube head under the same magic raygun for some stylish shrinkage and the result is part of their Modern Classic Range in the form of the NT15H Night Train Valve Amp Head.

Taking the concept pioneered by the Orange Tiny Terror and others, VOX have designed a thing of beauty - it's brushed steel case, my attract paw prints, but it looks great. Capable of some great clean tones and plenty of that British spank Vox have long been known for.

Rob Chappers (AKA The Monkey Lord), takes a look.


  • Rock-solid, all-tube head that is made to travel.
  • Uncompromising sound with two 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL84 power tubes.
  • Selectable BRIGHT or THICK mode switch provides EQ and Gain variations for just the right tone.
  • Dual-power tube mode offers 15 watt (Pentode Power) or 7.5 Watt (Triode Tone) operation.
  • Master Volume control preserves your gain settings at any playing level.
  • Solid, industrial-chic mirror finish exudes tube coolness.
  • Custom padded carry-case is included.

Night Train NT15H £425 inc VAT / $700 (MSRP)
Cabinet £183 / $359 (MSRP)


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