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Links to
D10 Librarian for Atari
D10/D110/D20/D5 controller for DOS
D110 Editor for Atari
D110 Rhythm Editor /Mac
D50 patch sender / DOS
D70 sound saver program / Atari
Juno 106 information
Juno 106 librarian for Atari
Juno 106 librarian for Windows
Juno editor for DOS
Juno librarian for Atari
Juno patches -hyperreal
JV patch editor for Windows
JX3P patches -hyperreal
MC-202 patches -hyperreal
MKS-50 Editor / Atari
MT-32 patch editor / Atari
MT-32 patch editor / MSDOS
Soundcanvas SYSEX editor
TR-707 editor for DOS
U-20 presets
U-220 patches
"Keyboards And Synthesizers" club on Yahoo! Keyboards/Synthesizers/Samplers/Mixers/Etc.
(free) MC-505 editor for Windows MC-505 editor for Windows and other MIDI freeware
106 vst instrument Sample based vsti with adjustable analog filter
5 Patches My Favourite ones i made, in MID. format
5080 Land Unofficial resource site for the XV 5080 synthesiser with a growing FAQ, reviews, messageboard comunity, chat and demo sounds section
512 Free Patches for the Roland JV/XP Plus drum sound kits, music samples and resources.
707 SERVICE manual i finally found the service manual, nice to have next to the owners manuals
8 pin MIDI serial cable
<<< Utilities for JX 305 >>> free download of operative system, editor, tech specs, and more !
A 30 Web Site. A Site for Users of Rolands 'A-Series' Controllers. Inc. all older Roland Contorllers. This web site is also home to the Roland-Controllers e-mail list.
A 90 EX in action Music produced by usage of the A 90 EX and the Sound Canvas
A brief description of the S50 A "S-50 Basics
A Free- Roland Tone Editor - check it out
A Juno 6 at Infinitropolis
A range of Roland Manuals in .pdf
A Series Web Site The web site for users of all Rolands A-Series controllers. Inc older Roland Controllers and the e-mail list.
A true Jupiter 6 available on the web !!! Web connected synth for real time sample & loops production
A-30 Turbo Start Perfomance edit
A-80 page at Sound Of Music Downloads, manuals, pictures, info, tips and links for the Roland A80
A-Series Controllers Web Site. The web site for users of all Rolands A-Series controllers. Inc older Roland Controllers and the e-mail list. samples and loops
Agent 626´s music I also use the TR-505 for my Tracks
alpha juno 1 in action listen to the track " in you "
alpha juno 1,2 & mks-50 the hoovertime resource centre all you need to know about these classic synths .newbies to advanced ,patches ,samplesadvice & tips
Alpha Juno 2 Mailinglist
Alpha Juno and MKS-50 editor A very nice freeware w95/98/NT program that let you control it's parameters in realtime.
Alpha Juno Editor/Librarian
Alpha Juno Editor/Librarian
Alphadial Manuals, patch editors, sounds and other info for the Roland Alpha Juno series.
Alphajuno a few pics of my alphajuno
alphajuno 2001!! dedicated site to the almight alpha sounds
alphajuno-mks50 The Alpha Juno 1+2, and MKS-50 Yahoo user group
alphajuno-mks50 The Alpha Juno 1 + 2, MKS50, HK-10 Yahoo email group
Amazing 303 vst instrument Sample based 303 clone with real analog filters ignore above
Amazing 303 vst instrument Sample based 303 clone with real analog filters
analog drum samples and free mp3 dance music downloads analog synth database/samples/resources,etc+dance music downloads 4 free mp3 and rm format
analog sound club user tips and opinions - join in! you can post sounds, pics and sysex files!!
Andre Louis - EastEnders (The Remix!) This piece uses SRX-01 Dynamic drums, SRX-07 Ultimate keys, Roland sc-88 Rhodes, Yamaha 9 mb sound font, and a Proteus sound font for the sticks at beginning of piece. UK people, What do you make of this remix?
Andreas' MKS-7 pages Tips for the MKS-7
Anthropo Records Hear the JX-305 as it was made to be heard: playing original tunes. FREE CD available also.
Artifice Studio Page Pictures of SH3a as well as sound clip
Aseries controllers The web site for users of all Rolands A-Series controllers. Inc older Roland Controllers and the e-mail list.
aszteck tr808 pulsation groove sample
ATom2 The XP-30 is my little tool box of goodies for my recordings. A fun little machine!
Audiogrill D-110 Patches and info Roland SH5 multisampled oscillator CD-Rom. MP3 preview.
Audionaut Selected Sound Patches The biggest free synth sound database in the world
Automatik electro trans music
AX-1 Page at Sound Of Music Manuals, downloads pictures, info, links and more abouat Roalnd AX-1
ayuda para placa bender board pcb n- 22925446 placa elna-8794v-o d-50 assy 76/801/0 00
B E A T S D O N E W I T H 5 0 5 trance, d&b, techno, industrial, breaks
balooba appaloosa
BaM's Mellotron samples Brian Andrew Marek's Mellotron samples for the Roland S-10 and S-550
Bazziman's MC303 Bazziman's site for Dance Music in your homestudio, this site has useful tips and tricks, files, faq's for acutally putting the 303 to some good use.
Bert's Roland JX305 pages First Ever JX305 page with: Download, info, resources, messageboard of the JX-305 synth
Best site for the RS7000 so far
Biggest MC-505 Group on net: Yahoogroups The thriving original Groovesource lives on!
BINARY BASSLINE Acid record label. Only TB-303 acid basslines on this label
Bollich's TD-6K Brief Info about my TD6K Drumkit (german)
Brian's JP-8000 Sounds... Etc. JP-8000 Sounds, Resources, and Links
Cartwheel rock the world Band who uses juno's and korg ms 20 - have a nice day
Chemiztry - The Dope Beat Maker Every Song on This Page was created with the Roland JD-990 (HIP HOP)
Clusterchord's synth demo page Super Jupiter Rev4 and Rev5 demos mods for your 606, will turn your timid silver box into a screaming rhythm machine from hell!
CoolColJ's SH2 Soundbites Hear the little beasty in action!
CoolColJ's Synth page The best raw TB-303 soundbite mp3 you will get on the web!! :)
D-110 Sounds and Editor Moonguardian, the homepage of TiLion, with sounds, and lots of information about synthesizers.
D-50 Sounds Patch Library
D-50 Virtual Editor Remote editor for D-50
D-50 Virtual Editor site D-50 Virtual Editor site
D110 page at Sound Of Music Roland D110 and PG-10 with manuals, downloads, editors, pictures, info, tips, links and more
D110 Patches on Audacious Universe Download new patches for Roland D110.New collections are uploaded so be sure to check from time to time!
D20 Manual
D50 patch receiver/sender Windows95/NT
D550 page at Sound Of msuci Downloads, editors, patches and presets, info, images, tips, links...
Daniel's D50 samples A few D50 demos.
David Kristian Drill n' Bass Mp3 "Kaiju Playground" was created using the Roland R8
DCB cable for Juno-60
De enige echte G800 site!!!!! Find here some userstyles and information!
Deadsy The keyboardist and ztarist of this band use the JP8000 and JP8080.
Deep Space A bunch of tracks done mostly with the MT-32.
Deep Synthesis Page Sound examples of vector-sequenced sounds, SoundDiver
Deep Synthesis Page SoundDiver, Vector Synthesis emulation
DIGITAL SCREAMS This link works!
DIGITAL SCREAMS Feel free to listen and download all my JP8 sound clips. I will be constantly uploading so bookmark my page.
Digital Underdog Productions Hear the SH 1 on a vocal track for an electronic project
DINsync to MIDI converter for CR-8000
Direccion de Emails de apoyo a JX305 y (mandad a los 2)
disquete de timbres para o roland S-50 roland S-50
DJ Equipment Store Buy DJ Gear, DJ Kit & DJ Equipment Packages UK
DJ Terrorist's TB303 pages
DJ-70mkII Group Group (on Yahoo) started for the discussion of the DJ-70mkII sampler.
Download free JP-8000 by Georges Zangerle 1 ZIP file containing everything you need (SYX and
Download Samples and Sounds for the MV-8000 has hip hop and urban samples for the MV-8000 in WAV and SND formats. Download sounds instantly.
Drum and Bass made on jx listen to a d'n'b song made on the jx-305 THIS LINK WORKS
Drum Antix - the 606 page! THE resource for the Drumatix-fans!
EATC - JV-880 Page Info and patches for JV-880/JV-80
Editor for MC505-JX305-Freeware Sorry, error in my links...
Editor/Librarian for the roland d50 Realtime editor for the d50
Editor/Librarian form SoundTower RSEdit for Roland RS-5/9
Electronic Music Live : Synthesizers 4 ELEKTRO 808 BREAKDANCE MIXXES AND ORIGINALS BY mATTHEW sIMONTON = m31570
Elementree Records KoRn's personal record label featuring DEADSY!
Emulsion Down Studios Songs recorded using the SP808
Enjoy the power of JD-800 Just listen to tracks "Watching TV" or "Mr. Synth" and enjoy the powerful sound of the wonderful synthesizer - Roland JD-800
Entire song made just with the 101 Listen to 'Roentegen / Lylendis' to hear this bastard in action. Nothing but three tracks of the 101 and a bit of delay.
Eu tenho um yamaha PSR-510 para trocar com vc me diga a sua volta para nôs nêgocia>>> negocio.
Europa Upgrade for Jupiter 6 Brilliant Jupiter 6 upgrade which expands MIDI, arpeggiation, sysex dumps and more!
Every kind of resources for JX-305. Impressive collection of good patches. Every kind of resources for JX-305. Impressive collection of good patches.
Everything about the infamous TR-808!!! Manual, Rare Pics, Forum, MP3, Specifications etc...
Eye Candy Free Trance MP3 Downloads I use the Jupiter 6 in many of my tracks. A good representation is my track called Tranquilizers where I use it for the lead melody sound coming in at around 2:57th minute of the song.
EZ-Alpha sound editor for the Roland Alpha Juno series of synthesizers
Factory patches for the Juno 60
Fantom (FA-76) Electronic Musician Review Since pioneering the affordable keyboard workstation with the D20 in 1988, Roland has always maintained a strong presence in that market. The company's XP-series workstations, for example, were among the best-selling keyboards in the '90s...
Fantom Forum available here(new) talk about your baby here
Fantom X & S website The website for all your Fantom X & S support
fat juno sounds in action check tracks of "no cheese projekt"
Filter IC vca replacement D' Naab 136 offers a replacement for those hard to get filter ic's
Find a Juno 106
Find a TB-303
Find an MC-303
Find an MC-505
Find an MKS-50
Fine Homes in AZ Find new AZ homes for sale, or sell your house with the best AZ Real Estate Agent- Crystal Nicely!
FM ONLINE JV90 - A90EX - Samples - Midifiles
fognin presents Roland Juno 106. Fognin zeigt seine (meist analogen) Synthesizer
fognin presents Roland Juno 6. Fognin zeigt seine (meist analoge) Synthesizersammlung.
fognin presents Roland SH-101. Aus der (meist analogen) Synthesizersammlung von Fognin.
For infos about ProE Use this site to mail me about proE
Free editor for JX 305 and MC 505 ! Editor and utilities for JX 305
Free Loops At Hundreds of free loops to download and use in your roland sp808
Free Roland Mks-80 Win9x/NT Patch Manager This free program will allow one to load and save
Free sounds for the JX10 and more Programmed by Patrick Fridh
FREE TR-808 SOUNDS SITE Download the complete wav. samples collection of tr-808 and tr-909 sounds
Friends of VP9000 User forum for the Roland VP9000 Variphrase Sampler
Get Blazin' Sounds for you MV-8000! Instantly download hot sounds for you MV-8000 right now! No waiting on packages to arrive in the mail. Listen to the samples, find what you want, and download instantly!
Gilberto Strapazon Roland JD-800 Center Gilberto Strapazon´s page about the Roland JD-800 Synth with lots of links, users and the original sound demos.
GR-30 Win editor
Great wave samples of TR808 REALLY FREE!!
Greg's Web World JV/XP Info & Llinks, Expansion Board Info, Miisc.
Greg's Web World JV/XP Info, XP80 Info, Lots of music info & more i
GROOVALICIOUS Message board for MC 505 users to share tips, tricks, patches, etc.
Groove machines essentials Editors,infos,music,links, english and français
Groovebox Web Ring (40 odd sites as of Nov 98)
Gwydi's JD800 / JD990 Stuff 41 banks of free JD800/JD990 patches --- JD800 random patch creator --- JD800->JD990 patch converter, and more
Gwydi's JD800 / JD990 Stuff 41 banks of free JD800/JD990 patches --- JD800 random patch creator --- JD800->JD990 patch converter, and more
HArd trance/techno/breaks/weirdo Some good quality hard trance made with jx-305, also some djmixes and wierdo songs.
hardhouse hoover machine all about hoovers, everything you need to know!!
Hear it HALFtracked Halftrack samples of the 303
Hear Roland SC 88 PRO in action International music productions using the SC 88 PRO
Hear some music I made on the JX-305 Hi, I made some music using the Roland JX_305. feel free to hear it.
hear the 626 in action listen to my track "today "
hear the 707 in action!!! listen to "jack it up".....
Hear the JP8000 in Trance Anthems! Listen to the excellent lead, pad, and bass sounds from the JP8000 in tracks by Kaleid and Andy Vask'El at
Hear the XP-30 in a variety of Electronic Music compositions. The XP-30 was the primary instrument used on Monolithic's "Power Undiminished" CD which won the "Best Album 2001" at the American Synthpop Awards in Hollywood California.
High quality Juno106 SOUNDBITES The best Juno 106 soundbite mp3 you will get on the web!! :)
Hindi/Urdu Songs on Keyboard Hindi Songs, Desi Rhythms, Manuals, Floppy Diskettes for Roland D20 Keyboard
Home of Roland VS users Many Roland Sampler users here.
homepage of brian botkiller brian botkiller, electronic producer producing primarily on the mc-505 groovebox. Roland JX3P + PG200 - polish synth site with english feedback - pics, mp3, short info and some downloads Roland MC09 Pattern and Patch lists, more to follow.  
hyb tank some patches for the HS-60/Juno-106
Hyperreal Music Machines: Roland JX Page for Roland JX's gear images, info, sounds and pacthes
I SATELLITE MicroComposer Review & Information Detailed operating info and photos of the Roland MC-4 MicroComposer
I use the MC909
I want to buy Roland G 1000 workstation please e-mail asap
Info about the M-DC1 A great page from Li'l chips with a pic and specs for the mdc, if you have one for sale mail me - i want one!
Info about the m-series. A great page from Li'l chips with a pic and specs for the m-series, including m-dc. This is the correct link!
info:the site is nothing but a link to don't loose your time :nothing about MC303!
information on ms1 MS-1 TURBO Facts
INFORSYNTH - Roland Jupiter 4 Bilder - Daten - Sounds has information on a homemade TR-909 copy.
J&S project J&S new neapoletan producer of Climax Recordings label
JD Sound Library Listing A breakdown of all the JD80 Sound Library Cards including waveforms and patches for all 8 cards.
JD-990 Review Numb3rs Gear Review
JD-990 Sounds Patch Library
JD-EXT Lets you use the JD-800 as a Midi controller/programmer for software and hardware synths. (Commercial)
JD990 at MEMI Review and Freeware Soundbank at German MEMI magaz
JP-8080 Voice Modulator pages Vocoder, Filterbank, and Vocal Morph Control explained
JP80x0 Mailing List
JSynthLib Free Universal Editor/Librarian supports MKS50 A place for information about some synths, and a price database for dj gear.
Juno 106 in action. Great gigger I use the Juno 106 in live performance in a great retro band. Ability to program makes it a far better buy that the JUno 6 I also use
Juno 106 VCF chips These hard to get chips are now being re-made, but in strictly limited quantities, fitting is simple, and only soldering is required - no modifications.
juno 106, jx-10, u-220, wav-files, soundfonts
Juno 60 in live use
Juno 60 on LSD Hear the synth-rock act Left Spine Down use the Juno 60 for studio and live
Juno editor for DOS
Juno editor for Win95 EZ-Alpha is a sound editor for the Roland Alpha Juno series of synthesizers
Juno-106 at Jetboy Junction More info, pictures and reviews
Juno-106 at RIMELA's MIDI & Sound Info, MIDI / Sysex implementation
Juno-106 by Unease Demo samples (192 kbps MP3s), images and review.
Juno-106 Connection Maunal, Programs, & more...
Juno-106 Page
Juno-106 Tweaker To tweak ReBirth and any other softsynth
Juno-60 Page
Jupiter 6 Jupiter 6 information
Jupiter Junction THE site for Roland Jupiters
Jupiter-8 Page
JUPITER-8.NET THE JP8 BATTLESHIP jupiter8 resource centre, pictures, samples & other info
Jupiter8 Virtual Clone It sounds just like the real synth!
JV / XP patches for download FREE dance / general patches for download
JV 1080/2080 Realtime Editor Unity 2080
JV-1080 Patches Download JV-1080 Patches Download
JV-80 Drum Patterns A collection of drum patterns for the Roland JV-80
JV/XP - WinJV/WinXP editors
JV/XP ChangeIt Editor
JV/XP Patches Download Patches Download - XP-30/50/60/80 and JV-1010/1080/2080
JV1080 Dance / General Patches Free patches all created by Andy Slater - in SYX f
JV1080 Reference Area JV users home page with info on SR-JV80 boards.
JV1080 Samples Produced by System Studio
JX 305 Yahoo Users E-mail Group This JX 305 listserver is not very active but has many good files and links (group good as of January 2005)
JX-305 Msg board. Need help? Chat? JX-305 msg board. Leave msgs for help, speak to owners etc. get advice
JX-8P Resource Centre Home of PC-JX8P, the JX-8P editor for DOS & Windows. Infos, Manuals, sounds, etc.
Jx305 best creative board ever made. Alternative/elec/goth music made with jx 305
JX305 El sinte con mas recursos de la red... Patches, Banks, Editors a punta pala... Roland se enrolla con este sinte mogollón .. No paras de encontrar de todo en la red para el... Sera la Groovemania..
JX305 Public Answers Email us about your opinion of resources for this synth and your opinion of create Roland Synth Editor, New Banks Patches, and other resources for JX305.
jx3p modificationz modify your jx3p with improved resonance strength, midi and pg-200 use at same time, and more!!
Jx3p Patches and Manual Jx3p Patches and Manual
Kid Nepro "The Patch King" The Best Roland Sounds @ The Best Prices. Thousands of new sounds for dozens of Roland Synths. Check us Out!
LA Synth Page Info, History, Pictures, Patches, Editors and more
LATCH ENABLE house & electro Special Juno ROLAND bass lines
LCS Roland A-30 Master Keyboard Lil' Chip's Site, ACCURATE specs (76 keys), useful
Lee Simeone uses the D-50 Dark electro artist
Lil' Chip's Site: Roland A-30 Master Keyboard ACCURATE specs (76 keys), production dates, useful
Listen to MiC Several trance/ambiant .mp3's for download by Canadian artist MiC. XP30 is the primary instrument used.
Lots of manuals Lots of manuals availabe of manya brands
Lots of Mks-80 mp3s of my Patches! A wide selection of mp3s to showcase the Super Jupiter ;)
Ludger Hesse's Site Several GR-33 patches & info
Mandad Emails a Roland sobre el JX305 Presionar a Roland para que haga algo para el JX305, un editor y nuevos patches, esta discriminado en la red. Emails a y otro a
MC-09 Manual Download Finally the finished user guide is available for download.
MC-202 MIDI Hack convert smf to wav for use with tape interface
MC-202 patches
MC-202 site
MC-307 programmers and techs MC range professionals, from files to servicing.
MC-505 editor free editor for MC-505
MC-505 Groovesource Egroups mailing list
MC-505 user mailing list on Yahoo Groups
mc202 vst instrument Sample based vsti with adjustable analog filter
MC303-Songz! all tracks you can find there i made with my mc303...check out and tell me if ya like them! you can also send a mail if ya want me to make a remix for you... c Ya! ;)
mc505 - zero 1 media soundsource ero 1 media sounds and tools for roland mc505 synt
MDCB-2 Converter for full control Juno-60 by MIDI
MDream Experimental software to work with sysx string with Roland M-series:tested only with performance mode
MEMI Downloads Two Freeware Soundbanks for D-10/D-20/D-110
Merlinsplace Groovesynth Site including Instrument defs, Editor, OS Updates, and others
MGHP Styles for Roland and Yamaha Keyboard, SMF and much more!
MIDI DRUM midi drum trigger unit has pic 16F84 microcontrolar
MIDI Interface (internal) for TB-303 The Number 1 Interface for the TB-303. Supports Accent, Slide and 5 Octaves Pitch!!
MIDI interface for all JP-8s
MIDI Interface for Roland CMU-810 compu synth Internal MIDI Interface retrofit !!!
Midi kit for your tb-303 midi kits and dinsync converters..
midi midi Servicio técnico especializado para músicos
Midi Retrofit You can get a retrofit from Kenton in the UK
MIDI to CV/gate converter for Roland
MIDI to DINsync converter for TR808 MIDI to DINsync converter for TR808 , midi kits and more
MIDI to DINsync converter for TR808 Microprocessor controlled MIDI to DINsync converter to start,stop and sync remotely from our MIDI sequencer
MIDI to DINsync converter TRx0x,TB303 Tiny microcontrolled MIDI-sync converter for TR606,TR808,TB303
MIDI to Juno 6 60 arpegio sync converter
MIDI101 Interface for SH-101 (supports Pitchbend!) MIDI Interface for old analog retro Synths like TB-303, TR-606, SH-101 ,.... Watch out!! NEW!!!
Mike Marion Free mp3's, Links, Fractals Free mp3s, Free QuickTime Movie, links, Studio Photo
Minimal techno using MC-303 and ER-1
MKB Controllers Web Site. The web site for users of all Rolands A-Series controllers. Inc older Roland Controllers and the e-mail list.
MKS-50 Editor / Atari
MKS-50, MKS50 MKS-50 Info and Sounds
MKS30 manual
Modular Failure Synth-pop HI-FI/ lo-fi music with words to think about and enjoy.
Moonguardian Moonguardian, the homepage of TiLion, with sounds, and lots of information about synthesizers.
More JX-305 Resources Still under construction...
most of my basses come from that Juno beast InThough on Spirit Loops you will hear how it sounds on weird and filtered pads
MP3 demos of SH-32 Hear user sounds in action
mt 32 user guide mt 32 user guide book
MT-32 info @ planet-zero comments, manual, MP3 recordings
MT32 in System Studios Info, photos and linking the MT32 to a TR505!!
Music made with Roland synths Synthesizer Music by MEESHA, recorded with Roland xp50(+4x expansion), jp8000, jv880(+expansion), jv30 and spd11. Synth music inspired by Jarre, Vangelis and Kraftwerk.
Musitronics company which sells expansion cards for D50 Using the 505 sequencing, sound and rythm master for my music
nerve A-80 review/description and others
New sounds for MC-303
New Wind Controller Soundbank for XV-3080!
New Zealand dj and producers juno 6 Jonathan Mackie aka dj Phonetic uses Korg kaoss pad, Juno 6 and a zoom RT-123
Nvisible Beats Beats made with the Fantom X6
O Rei do MPB - Brazilian music The best in Brazilian music from this Amazon associate. Read about Brazil's fascinating music styles and artists.
Online Manual - It is what it is man.
Online Manual here ya go :)
Online tb303 manual
OSC-1 free editor for the JV/XP series
OSC-1 (Free) analog style editor for Super JV / XP (Windows) OSC-1 (Free) analog style editor for Super JV / XP
Overview of the JS-30 by a user
ozzie synth list ozzie synth list [roland discussion]
Patch repository for this and other synths Stormtrooper Studios patches and useful files
Patchman Music JV-1010 Soundbanks Currently 2 banks are available. "Acoustic and Analog Essentials" and "Wind Controller #1" .
Patchman Music S-330 Sample Disks Over 80 Disks Available
Patchman Music XP-50 Soundbanks Currently 2 banks are available: "Acoustic and Analog Essentials" and "Wind Controller #1".
PG-23P - Free JX-3P VSTi JX3P VSTi for Windows, emulates the JX3P from the viewpoint of the PG-200 programmer.
Philipp Koltsov's studio free patches collection Roland SH-1000 owner's manual
PLANET 303 Preliminary Info, Original documentation, Specifications, Connections, Topical Index, Sound Module Users Manual (with Mixermaps), Downloads, MIDI Implementation, Tone List, SysEx, Links ... Just everything!
plasmaweb ei Link to the Unofficial W30 Homepage.
Polytechnic Site A band that uses heavy guitar synth, including Gr30s and Gr33s on custion ibanez and roland axes . . .
Professional D-110 Patches! Professional D-110 Patches!
Programing the thumb wheel, and other info.
Prophets, Moogs and Jupiters ULTRA RARE Analog Synths
PSyk8 JX305 Page Instrument Script patch for Cubase 5, Instruments definition for cakewalk, mc505/JX305 editor, etc...
R@F's TR-909 Page (new URL)
Ralf T - 505 Dreams A dreamy house track (WMA format) where I've used the TR-505.
RARE Roland SH-7 ! ! ! This ULTRA RARE Roland SH-7 Synth in Excellent Con'd is up for grabs ! Excellent sounding with 2 VCOs, 2 ADSR EGs, Ring Mod and Lots More Extras ! with Roland Hard-Case US$1200
Rec'Up many thousands public domain patches, libraries with classified and sorted out patches and totaly new and unpublished banks
Rec'Up A lot of public domain banks and organized libraries (thousands of sorted out and classified sounds) you can download for free. You'll find too totally new and unpublished banks.
Redstudio A lot of info and sounds+ A help section
RetroSound - Marko Ettlich Cool Infos and Links
Roland System 700 Full set
Roland Alpha Juno Info, Tips, etc...
Roland Alpha-Juno @ deep!sonic Find some rare picts behind the panel
Roland Controllers Web Site and E-List The web site for users of all Rolands A-Series controllers. Inc older Roland Controllers and the e-mail list.
Roland Controllers Web Site and E-List The web site for users of all Rolands A-Series controllers. Inc older Roland Controllers and the e-mail list.
Roland D-50 Review
Roland D50 @ deep!sonic Find some rare picts behind the panel
Roland Drum Machine Users Group An e-mail list for Roland drum machine owners.
Roland GR-30 E-Mail Discussion List
Roland Groove .com
Roland JD990 @ deep!sonic Find some rare picts behind the panel
Roland JS-30 TurboStart TurboStart manual for Roland JS-30 Sampling Workstation
Roland Juno 106 Italian info and MP3 demos By ALARMUSIC.COM
Roland Juno 106 Mailinglist
Roland Junos A mailing list for all Juno/alpha Juno/HS-series users.
Roland Jupiter 8 Resource Center everything JP-8...history, faq, manuals, patches, mp3's, reviews, pictures
Roland JV1000 Manual downloads
Roland JV35 @ deep!sonic Just some picts
Roland JV880 Review the first link for this rack synth - found by roelant :-p
Roland JV90 UNIVERSE History, specs, patches, tech info and much more.
Roland JX Analogs discussion group for JX-series users
Roland JX-10 + PG-800 Pictures Nice pictures of the JX-10 & PG-800 from The Spoiledbrat Network
Roland JX-305 Groove Site Download, info, resources, messageboard of the JX-305 synth
ROLAND JX-305 RESOURCES CENTER OS, manuals, patches, editors, glossary, news and a list of the most important keyboards of the synthesis story.
Roland JX-3P Exhibited at Robert L's Analogs Synths
Roland JX-8P pictures The Spoiledbrat Network presents a few nice picz of the Roland JX-8P !!
Roland JX-8P Review
Roland JX10 @ deep!sonic Find some rare picts behind the panel
Roland JX8P patch editor Roland JX8P patch editor for PC - ESSENTIAL!
Roland MC-202 Most in depth website for the MC-202 on the net
Roland MC-500 Downloadable owners manual for original MC-500
Roland MKB Web Site. The web site for users of all Rolands A-Series controllers. Inc older Roland Controllers and the e-mail list.
Roland MKS Series Homepage Roland MKS Series Resources
Roland MKS100 @ deep!sonic Find some rare picts behind the panel
Roland MKS80 @ deep!sonic Find some rare picts behind the panel
Roland MT-32 drum samples
Roland MV-30 Users Group Unofficial support for Roland MV-30 Studio M Sequencer/Sound Module
Roland Patch Viewer Utility This utility let you see all patch and tones in a image disk of the Roland W-30
Roland S-220 Resource Manual and Links
Roland S-Group Archive an extensive collection of Roland S-10 samples
Roland S10 @deep!sonic Find some rare picts behind the panel
Roland S330 Info from system studio nottingham, UK
Roland S760 Sample Archive Roland S7xx Archive - Must Visit!!
Roland SGroup Resouces/Infos for the S-Series Samplers
Roland SH-09 Pictures Nice pictures of the SH-09 from The Spoiledbrat Network
Roland SH-09 Samples Lots of free samples by Bjorn Fogelberg
Roland SH-101 MentaMOD Modifications for the SH-101, Quote - "...your SH-101 sounds mentally insane...!"
Roland SH-101 MentaMod Sound Samples Wav audio samples of MentaMod for your evaluation
Roland SH3a specs/pictures mostly in japanese but specs in english and photos
Roland System 100m Site Resource dedicated to the mighty 100m.
Roland System-100 samples Lots of free samples made on this extraordinary pi
Roland TB-303 (2 Units) No Clone can beat the sound of a Real Roland TB-303 ! We've heard all sorts of clones (from DeepBass9 to Rebirth) and NOTHING COMES CLOSE TO A 303 BUT A 303 ! This IS the LITTLE SILVER DANCE MACHINE !
Roland TB-303 ZoRG Modification From the mkaers of SH-101 MentaMod comes a Mod for your TB-303...
Roland TB-303 ZoRG Sound Samples Wav audio samples of ZoRG for your evaluation
Roland TR-707 Owner's Manual on-line manual written by WOBBLEX
Roland TR-909 Review
Roland TR-909 Review
Roland w30 Club and mailing list attached to above site
Roland xv 88 manual
Roland XV Series Synth Home Page Info and commentary on the Roland XV series synths.
ROLAND XV-5080 Italian info and MP3 demos By ALARMUSIC.COM
Roland XV-5080 Online Shop Worldwide Roland Sales Online at Discount Prices
Roland's R8 MkII "TURBOSTART" page
roland/solton ECM
ROM & RAM cards for Roland Synths.
Royalty Free House and Break Beat Music Check out the track called Children. The guitar sound you hear is the JD 800.
Royalty Free Techno and Trance Music Check out the track called F-Trip. The bass sound you hear is the JD800.
RS-5 and RS-9 User Forum The first RS-series user site on the internet
RS7000.ORG --- Everything you need in 1 box and on 1 site Forums, Artists Profiles, International live price database, RS7000 music to download and much much more :-)
RT1L Echo Tapes Echo tapes for vintage echo machines
S series sampler Archive Has all teh latest OS disk images, utilties and samples!
S T Y L E X S . C J B . N E T The best of trance, d&b, techno, industrial, breaks, experimental done with MC-505, Rm1x, SP-808, SP-202 and software. Updated on monthly basis.
S-10 Manager Editor/Librarian for Roland S-10 Sampler
S-220 Info and L-series Sample Library Specs, Information, and the Roland Sample Library are available on the Li'l Chips web site
S-330 brochure etc... The best site there is for us without the instructions to this machine
S-50 file utillity
S-550 Pro Sample Disks Over 80 Disks Available!
S-550 Pro Sample Disks Over 80 Disks Available!
Samplers Delight vintage drum machine samples
SC-880 Online A French site with info, resources and patches to download for the SC-880 synth module.
SCC-1 @ PlanetZero SCC-1 comments, samples, info, links
SCedit - Sound Canvas Win3.1 editor
Scott BPM's 101 site tips.n tricks & sounds
Serpents Of Delight D-50 in action on the sound section.
service manual rs-5 extra
SH 32 page on free resources for synthesizers. English et Francais
Sh-101 mailing list Join the sh-101 mailing list!
SH-101 MentaMod other products From the makers of MentaMod for the SH-101, other products include mods for the TB-303...
Sh-101 Nova Modification Modifcations for the sh101
SH-101 NovaMod The new site (old link is broken)
SH1000 filter module New production filter ladder module as used in the Roland SH1000, simply solder in, no modifications.
SH101 PICTURES Pics presented by the Spoiledbrat Network
SMFW30 officiall homepage WIN/DOS Editor for Roland W30/S50/550/330 samplers
Songs made with a G-1000 I made this hip-hop album last summer using the Roland G-1000 for bass sounds and organ and vibes- listen to the high quality sounds it makes.
Sonic Electronic and Music Sales ROLAND and many other brands of analog and digital Keyboard and musical electronics SERVICE MANUALS
SonicPlug - Jupiter-6 section JP-6 pages at SonicPlug machines site: extended info about JP-6 architecture and features, eBay international search and original AD page from Roland.
SonicPotion Quality Hip Hop Production Samples and Sounds SonicPotion Highest Quality Hip Hop Production Samples and Sounds
Sound Canvas Pipe Organ Project
SOUND OF MUSIC's JUNO106 PAGE Downloads, editors, patches and presets, info, images, tips, links...
sounds sound in my groovebox inst list
Sounds for JP 8000,JD 800 and more soon virussounds,alpha juno sounds
SOUNDS-OF-REVOLUTION Professional Sounds for Synthies
Soundtower XVEdit Pro XVEdit Pro - Sound Editor/Librarian for the Roland XV-5080
SP-808 Discussion Forum Groovesampler Users Forum
Sp808 pc/mac to SP808 utillity
Sp808 Review @ An in depth review of the awesome groove sampler.
SPD-8 at Sound Of Music Downloads, patches, manual, images, links and more for SPD-8
SPV manual GIFS of the original Roland Manual The best of trance, d&b, techno, industrial, breaks, experimental done with MC-505, Rm1x, SP-808, SP-202 and software. Updated on monthly basis.
SX Productions MP3's which contain at least one (usually 3 or 4) tracks made with a D2.
synth trix - roland sh5 tricks (see the moogulatorium) to speed up the lfo to audio speed etc.. find info on lots of synth and tricks of any kind (updated regularly)..
Synthcom Systems Midi Upgrade Europa- THE ULTIMATE midi for JP6!!! - Roland JP-8000 User Reviews, Infos, Downloads, Tricks, Links... (German Language)
sysdisk for mv30 Music & Machines Many exclusive pictures, patterns, free aliases an
Tech Specs of the JX305 infos,music made with,tech spec,ressources,links
Techno producer Prinz Ali Uses the MC-303 alternatively
Teknet's TB-303 Web page History of the '303 etc
testrauschen (ambient music) You will hear the Flute and the Oboe wich is really one of the best analogue sounds ever heard!
The Creators of Dance Music, By P.Lahousse TB-303 & TR-909
The home of Roland SH-09
The Mad Scientist All pattens made with jx-305
the main site for the mc909 get presets and os updates here
The New GR-30 Page The GR-30's first home on the internet
The Only One Dedicated Site to the JD-990 SonicPlug JD-990 offers you extended info about the module, a FAQ, patches, notes about famous users, a forum and more!
The Patch King The Best Roland Sounds @ The Best Prices. Thousands of new sounds for dozens of Roland Synths. Check us Out!
The Roland L/A Synth Page
The Roland MKS Series Site
The Roland MKS Series Site A site about the Roland MKS series of synths
The Roland System 100
The S-760 info web page Comprehensive web page on all aspects of the Roland S-760.
The Sanctuary info and samples of the TR-808 and TR-909
The Sound Of Roland Juno-60 info and juno60 patches!
The TR-606 site Samples, mods...
THE V GROUP All VP User Support Group
The Virtual Synthesizer Museum Roland SH-1000 note: description above is for SH3a, not SH1000
TR-606 modification box and repair Save $1000 with Rebirth606 modbox.TR606 together with Modbox sounds similar to 808/909 in analog compartment.
TR-707 editor for DOS
TR-707 for Linux - a freely available TR-707 clone using ALSA driv
TR-707 indie rock - a TR-707 provides most of the drum parts for "More Than Happy" by the Layaways
TR-707 Manual tr-707 manual in pdf format
TR-808 factual article, sounds, samples and the like.
TR-808 Rhythm Composer - Much more than you need to know Online Manual (JPEG, scanned from the original), Rare Pics, MP3'z, Mods, Reviews, 808 links etc... Manual, Forum, Rare Pics, MP3s, Reviews, Sample Pack, Nice Links etc... resource site all you need to know info, manual etc.........
TR-909 Sysex project TR-909 with wooden sides and another mystery explained
TR707 scanned manual a 707 scanned manual ! Home user site The Ultimate TR-909 site
Tracker 33. Argentinian Techno An explendid 303 unit screaming!
Trance Fury's Official Homepage Music by Trance Fury using MC303
Tranceonic Official Homepage A lot of music made with MC303,photos,links
Unofficial Roland S330 page Unofficial Roland S330 page
Unofficial site for the MC909
Used by Greg Ham of Men At Work 80s new wave
V synth soundbanks and waveforms custom made for the v-synth.Turn your v synth into a ppg for the 12st century.Also amazing ethnic and electronica aswell as atmospheric waveforms for the v-synth.
V-Synth Official Site
va-7 home page va-7 home page
Various TB303 items
Vintage Roland Synthesizers All the info U would want about Roland SH-synths
Vintage synths
Vintage synths MKS 7 Details on the mks 7
Virtual D50 Synth Clone It sounds just like the real synth!
Virtual Guitarist GR33 and guitar multi FX info.
Visit the new dedicated site ot the JX-305 Advanced uses of the JX-305. The website is under construction, so check back regular
Vp 70 voice processor
Vp9000 soundsets on zip disk Amazing ,otherworldly, esotronic samples of processed drums and modular digital and analogue synth sounds.Including a Virtual Elektron sidstation for the Vp9000 on 1 Zip disk and a Virtual Waldorf Ppg wave for the Vp9000
W-30 Sounds,OS and Editors Moonguardian, the homepage of TiLion, with sounds, and lots of information about synthesizers.
W-30 Unofficial Homepage (eim)
W30 system software v1.07
w30 Users Site old users group site - newly reposted
With information on Trevor Page's homemade TR-909 clone! roland vocodes : svc350, vp330, more west indian band Tienda Virtual de Instrumentos Musicales Electronicos MC 300 PARTS replacement floppy drive OS discs and manuals Professional Sounds for jd800 / jd990 / jp8000 / technox / quasar / microwave / virus / an1x / quadrasynth & more Big report in german language with audioexample and manual
WWW.TR-808.TK All the information about the 808 i collected last years... Online Manual (JPEG, scanned from the original), Rare Pics, MP3'z, Mods, Reviews, 808 links etc... (if the adress doesn't work use:
XP 30 Review by Computermusic
XP 60 in the mix. Even in the studio with Waldorf and Korg, the XP-60's tones stand strong and useful.
XP-30 Group on Yahoo Discussion group created for the Roland XP-30 64 voice synthesizer
XP-30 Review by ReMixing 101
XP-Review by SOS pubs
XV 5080 Review by Keyboard Magazine
XV-5080 Yahoo! group Another site for XV fans, with patch downloads, etc.
XVEdit Pro Synth Editor/Libarian for the Roland XV5080
Yahoo users group TB-303
Yamaha SK-10 string machine resource Info and pictures of the Yamaha SK-10 string synth/organ

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