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SM Pro Audio 500 Series

Mic Pre, EQ and compressor modules too
Buchla Music Easel Reissue

Legendary compact synth is back
Schmidt Happens

Just because..
iConnectivity MIDI

iPad as audio device for direct recording
Nick Catanese Interview

The Evil Twin says band are starting work on new album this year
Android Low Latency is Here

20ms Round trip - less for virtual instruments
DSI Prophet 12

12 voices, four oscillatore per voice - massive.
Ableton Push

Live 9 integration
King Korg

Performance synth with a valve
Korg MS20 Mini

Its an analog MS20 only smaller
Moog Sub Phatty

We get an in-depth look at the new synth
Make Noise Modules

First release - Richard Devine
Jammit software updated

New songs and new features on Jammit
Holophone Super C

Funky, customizable stage mics
Radial 500 Series

Q4 Eq module, 4 channel mixers, Pre Max and PreComp
PSP reverb Plugs

Shown running in Auria
Eddie Kramer F-Pedals

Micro sized range of signature pedals
EHX New Pedals

HOG-2, Epitom3,45000 and the 8 Step Program
M-Audio Ignite

Interesting DAW concept integrates with new M-Audio keyboards
RME iOS IO Updates

iPad Class Compliant means 18 IO on iOS 6
Intellijel Modules

Korgasmatron and more
M-Audio Interfaces

M-Track, M-Track Plus, and M-Track Quad USB make their debut
DSP Quattro Editor

Advanced 2 track editor and mastering
iZotope Insight

Fully featured metering package
Sonuus Flame Tuner

Flame Tuner, Buzznut and iRock
Sonic Clamp

Take that call during the gig
sE Electronics X1 Studio

X1 Mic, shock mount, pop shield and reflection filter
ODD 3D printed Guitars

ODD Printed guitars and other nifty stuff
Tascam US-322

US-322 and US-366 offer onboard DSP mixer and effects
Kemper With Power

Modelling and power too
Receptor Qu4ttro

More power for live use
4ms Pingable Animation

Video effects from CV in modular form
Loop Loft Samples

Ableton Live split session files
Radial Voco-Loco

Also includes a switchable fx loop
SM Pro Audio Shield

Portable, durable bendable
Sampleholics Guitars for RMX

Simple guitar samples with RMX amp models
Vox Mini 5

MINI5 Rhythm features effects, rhythm patterns and battery power
Soundcraft Si Expression

Soundcraft launches the Si Expression digital console range
Cakewalk VIntage Compressor

CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier is compatible with SONAR and other DAWs
Fender Custom Shop Specials

Story of the Ritchie Blackmore Strat explained
Boomstar Models

Studio Electronics show the first production modules
Tip Top Audio Modules

Drums and sequencers
New 2013 Pedals from T-Rex

New pedals and updated versions of existing pedals from T-Rex
New Mojo Hand FX

Some new Mojo from...Mojo
Zvex Sequencers and Fat Fuzz

The sounds emanating from ZVEX get crazier every year
DBZ 2013 Range

Check out what's new at DBZ for 2013
Gittler Guitar Demo

The reintroduction of a striking design classic,
Compressor and Delay from Earthquaker

Two new pedals from Earthquaker Devices
Cloud Speaker

Cloud speaker explained
CME XKey -poly aftertouch

XKey Full size keys and poly aftertouch
V-Combo VR-09

V-Combo VR-09 features piano, organ, and synth engines
Bob Moog Foundation

Bob Moog Foundation with Mark Doty
Custom guitars from GMP

Striking designs and vivid artwork
New updated 65 Amps

Peter demonstrates the new variation on the Producer
All American Rejects Gear Chat

We catch up with Nick at NAMM 2013
New X32 Mixers

Four new digital mixers
Titanium and steel guitars from Bad Seed

James Hetfield has two, we just wish we had one
iHawk Drum Kit

Joe Hardy demos The Hawk drum system, and gathers a crowd
Nektar P4 with Cubase

We get a look a the way it works
Tom Quayle and Wampler

We catch up with Tom Quayle and Brian Wampler
Yamaha THR X

The high gain version of the THR from Yamaha
Billy Duffy Gretsch

We get the low down on the story behind Duffy's new Gretsch
New Presonus Products

PA Speakers, studio monitors and StudioLive 32
Diablo FX Sound Control

250ft range of wireless switching you say?
Yamaha THR C

A bluesy THR with a range of killer tones
New Koa Guitar From Taylor

If you've always wanted a Koa, this could be it
Bitwig Information

We have a chat with the developers
Pittsburgh Modular Cell

Nicely cased mini modular systems
KMI QuNexus

We take a look at another kickstarter hit
Nord Electro 4

It's red, very red.
Casio Privia PX5S

Synth powerhouse, piano and controller
Pedalboard friendly Fuzz Faces

The Fuzz Face becomes pedal-board friendly
2013 Releases for Seymour Duncan

8 String, bass and a ' Whole Lotta Humbucker'
Min-eTune from Gibson

Robot machine heads are now retrofit
The Wheelharp

From Antiquity Music
Novation Launchkey and Apps

iPad integration, app switching and more
ES195 and ES335 Studio

Gibson bring out affordable ES335 and new ES 195
New OR100 and Classic 50

New Orange Amps For 2013
Orange VT1000 and OV4

Orange's new secret product is no longer a secret!
New Talk Box from Dunlop

Compact Talkbox from MXR, we think it's a winner
SL-5 Marshall

Slash loves it, and Marshall say it's a cracker
M-Audio Axiom Air

Controller range extended with three new Axiom AIR models
Dubreq Stylophones

Chunky metal construction with synth functions
MIDI past and future

30 year anniversary display
Numark Obit Wireless Controller

Buttons, a knob and two axis accelerometer
New Peavey Vypyr Amp

More knobs, dials, and flashing lights than you can shake a guitar at
Agile Partners AmpKit

Malina Moye talks music, tone, and life on the road
Ditto Looper from TC

Out here in the fields, Ditto Looper fights for its meals
Grand Orchestra Series From Taylor

The new acoustic from our friends at Taylor
TC Electronic TonePrint Editor

The long awaited editing program for your TC TonePrint Pedal
Fargen John Lennon Artist Series

New John Lennon Artist amp from Fargen