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6 Way Switch From JJ Guitars

Turn your Strat into a Les Paul
Buchla Skylab 200E

A more affordable modular from Buchla
Lauten Atlantis Mic

Several settings affect character of the sound
Detachment 3 Archangel Seq

16 step, 4ch sequencer with touchstrip keyboard
Peavey Max Bass Series

15 down to 8 inchers
Muse Receptor VIP

Simplified Virtual Instrument Player
STG Industries Synth Modules

Virus OS 5 Preview

Check out whats coming up
Gorillabox Modular Cases

Rack up your modular and hit the road
50 years of Audio-Technica

Wireless, headphones and a Mic
WMD Devices New Modules

Phase Displacement Oscillator and Synchrodyne
Alesis Ampdock Rocks

Comes with CAT5 pedal board for floor control
LZX Modular Video Synth

I never knew there was such a thing
Waves WLM + In-Phase

Correctional Phase tool, loudness metering
Alesis Vortex Keytar

Throw some shapes, get some control
Audible Disease Pedals

Weird and whacky handmade pedals
Alesis DM Dock

Trigger pad inputs app brain
Gemini DJ CDMP-7000

Beginner and Pro catered for
Moog The ladder

500 Series Moog filter for your studio rack
Peavey PVXP powered speakers

PVXP models introduced
Handwired Vox Wah pedal

It's a Wah pedal... which is wired by hand
Peavey Powered Mixers

Great price point for these
Updated 'Legacy' model from CA Guitars

Waterproof Carbon Fibre guitar gets a facelift
Dangerous Music Source Controller

Dangerous Source is a portable and desktop unit
Uriah Duffy shows updating toneprints with a phone

SmartPhone plus Toneprint pedal plus App equals Win
New Acoustic Treatments from Auralex

Absorbtion and Bass Trap treatments
New 6010A Mini Monitors from Genelec

New 6010A desktop units with 5040A Sub
New Powered Speakers from Behringer

Some with USB Wireless Mic Inputs too
Behringer X32 Digital Console coming soon

Got lots of Midas technology onboard too
Stanton SCS3 DJ Updated

Multi-touch DJ controller updates
Snazzy FX Ardcore

Eurorack DSP module with USB input
Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments formed

Buchla bought by MV ProAudio - Don on Camera
Peavey GXi

Composite Acoustic
Eventide Goodies

We call it Freeverb, and we love it
SM-Pro Audio New Stuff

Wireless DI, Q-Dac monitor station
Mighty Bright LED lamps

Lights perfect for audio and live needs
Synthesis Technology Modules

USB to CV and LFO
Yamaha MGP Mixers

MGP Series 12 and 16 Channels
Waves Non Linear Summing plugin

With Console Sound styles from Spike Mike and Nevo
Waves announce Version 9

64-bit host support and new easy-to-use authorization system
Behringer Firepower FCA610 and 1616 interfaces

2 Models shown connected by USB or Firewire - neat idea
Gur Milstein shows new gear from Tip-Top Audio

Always an interesting range of Eurorack gear
Control 1 USB studio controller

Studio Controller interfaces via USB
SSL Nucleus

Extra control profiles
McDSP Louder Logic

Make your tunes louder
Mackie DL1608

On Board DSP controlled by docked or remote iPads
New Blue Mics

Mikey Digital, Spark Digital and Tiki
Samson USB Keyboards

Graphite and Carbon 49 keys
Akai MPC Fly

Dinky MPC style case for your iPad
Behringer CMD controllers

Modular USB MIDI controll
Nord C2D organ

Classic modelling of many organ types
Nord Piano 2

Another installment from the VP Suite
Fusion Gig Bags

Quality luggage - who can resist it?
JoeCo Gong and iPad App

Black Box Recorder - 24ch playback record for live
Rob Papen Blade

An new additive synth with a twist
Nektar P4 Details

We get a closer look with its maker
Melodyne Editor V2

More scales and warp markers
Nord Drum

A quiet room at the top of the Marriott
Akai MPC Renaisance

The workflow and features
Numark New

And the 4Track too
Harvestman Synth Modules

Bionic Lester Tyme Safari MKII, Polyvoks Osc
Realivox Vocal Library

Studio vocals with articulations
Macbeth Micromac

And a Dot Com format synth too
MakeNoise modules

Dual Prismatic Osc and Echophone
Akai MAX49

Control your analog kit from this MIDI controller
Peavey team up with Antares to bring us the AT200

Peavey & Antares Announce the Peavey AT-200 Guitar Featuring Auto-Tune For Guitar Technology
New ZVEX Pedals In Action

We get a thorough look at the new gear
Joe Bonamassa Jams With Seymour Duncan

The coolest impromptu jam ever?
Mixing hardware for your iOS device

Mobile mixer for your iOS device from IK Multimedia
The first stompbox guitar interface for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

The first stompbox guitar interface for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
Casio WX-P1 up close

We take a look at the new machine
Joe Bonamassa On His Signature Pickups

Joe talks about his new Seymour Duncan signature set
The New Yamaha THR Amp - Wow!

We are truly impressed at this little beauty
Vox + Tony Bruno = TB18

Vox team up with Tony Bruno for their new TB18
Latest AC offerings from Vox

The latest teenieweenie AC4 from Vox
New delay pedal action from Vox

Vox unveil new DelayLab pedal
Condenser Mic for iOS

IK Mulitmedia give us the run down on the iRig Mic
Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced

All new mastering software from the mastering masters
Venue SC48 - Robert Scovill

The latest live sound technology
AAS Chromaphone

Physical modelling synthesizer
Auria - 48 track iPad

Awesome coding brings high track-count
Korg product updates

MR2000 SBK, SV-1 Pianos, Kronos OS
Blackstar HT-Metal

2 stage gain with ISF
CopperLAN latest developments

Lets push for a new standard interface - could this be it?
Stylish Combos From Brunetti

Tube goodness in a stylish Italian exterior
New Pedals From Egnater

Top notch stomp distortion from Egnater
New Mini KP and Kaossilator

All new features
65Amps Rock Hard At NAMM

We spoke to mastermind Dan Boul
A Chat With Steven Slate

A console, high end monitors and tape emulation
Dangerous Source Monitoring

Dangerous Source
Brand new Analogue Synth

New 100% analogue signal path synth
Universal Audio Apollo

Universal Audio unveil Apollo
PreSonus Wireless Monitoring Controller

PreSonus update wireless connectivity with Qmix
Minitaur Delivers Massive Bass

Analog Bass Synthesizer from Moog
Taylor Take Us Through Their Electrics

Jaw-dropping solid-bodies from Taylor
Line 6 Powered Loudspeakers

1400 Watt 3 way powered loudspeaker system
Developments At Taylor Acoustic

All the updates from the team at Taylor
The Line 6 M20d Smart Mixer

Digital mixer with graphical interface
Voice Play Live Vocal Effects

Check out the Voice Live Play
Jams Agile Partners

We get an interview with Kenny at Agile Partners booth
Rane Sixty-Two Z Trip

Innovative DJ mixers -
SDS4 DJ Updates

Tigher and faster operation
Roland R-Mix

Advanced centre cancel and frequency extraction
Roland V- Giuitars

Roland and Fender introduce the VG Stratocaster G-5
New headset mics from DPA

The headset range gets some new additions
Beat Thang In Stores

World-wide distribution coming right up
Pocket Size Tuning

It's so mini!
DJ Interface With Wood Paneling!

Virtual DJ control in an analog synth's body
A Mobile Keys Accessory For iOS

Big keyboard powered from your iOS device
The Return Of A Classic

Handwired boutique goodness from Ampeg
Digitech iStomp

We interview the product manager
OP-1 OS Update

Another chance to see the OP-1 in action
Teenage OpLab

Everything but the kitchen sync
Hack It Like It's Hot

Next-gen multi touch controller
Burn Baby Burn, with cool flames

Fancy 40 foot cool-burning flames shooting from your instrument?t
Wireless iPad Audio

Wi Digital Systems - 2.4gHz
Ultra Portable Guitar Practice

Go anywhere, Play everywhere
Numark iDJ Pro

Stick yer iPad in and do the show
Nektar P4 Up Close

First look at the Reason controller
Slappin Da Bass...Drum

It's the Slaperoo!