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UA Apollo Twin MK2

Quad DSP, new monitoring options
Sensel Morph

Customisable Bluetooth input device
Waldorf VCF1

More Eurorack for the KB37
Keyscape Creative

1200 Ominisphere patches using Keyscape
Ansmann Pro Batteries

Intelligent Batteries for pro use
CloudLifter CLZi

Variable Z Mic Activator

Spat V3 in collaboration with Flux
30 Years Of Digital Mixers

We talk history with John Schauer
Alesis Strike Pro

Red sparkle kit offers high levels of sample playback
Roland RD2000 Piano

Latest in the series features dual sound engines and advanced controller features
Moon Modular

John L. Rice talked to us about the Moon Modular 5U systems
Suit & Tie Guy

Suit was on had to get digital sounds out of analogue oscillators...
Radikal Technologies

We get a demo with Joerg Schaaf of the finished Swarm Oscillator and the New FX module
Sonic Smith ACO

A new type of synthesis that allows control via an audio input
Wampler Dracarys

New High Gain Pedal and First Tube Amp From Wampler
Frap Tools Sapel

Simone takes us through the their newest module
McDSP EC-300

Character packed delay plug-in
Hex Inverter

Two new modules from Hex Inverter
Software editor for expression controller

Software development for Touche expression controller
Melodyne 4.1 Update

Latest features in Melodyne 4.1 software
Malekko Sync

An easy solution for sync'ing up your modular via MIDI or USB
Malekko with Baseck

Baseck shows of the two new sequencers from Malekko
Verbos Electronics

Mark Verbos gives us an overview of the Bark Filter and some updates on their move to Berlin
1010Music Bitbox

24 Bit Eurorack sampler and more from 1010Music
Fabulous Silicon Paradigm

A chat with the creator
Catalyst Audio

The latest company to take on the west coast sound...
2hp Tiny Modules

We get a look at some of the smallest modules in Eurorack
iConectivity spinXLR

High quality turntable pre-amp and budget audio interface
Korg Kronos OS Update

OS and cosmetic updates
Korg Gadget OS Update

Korg Gadget gets the desktop treatment
Realitone Hip Hop Creator

Kontakt player Hip Hop loops and samples
Big Bear Audio

Big bear audio interchangeable mic pre
Sonar Home Studio

Cakewalk's new entry level DAW
Noise Engineering New Modules

Stephen gave us the rundown on everything for 2017
Zynaptic Wormhole

Out of this world audio plug-in
Sonuus Looping Mic

Loopa, the microphone that loops
Erica Synths Fusion Box

The fusion delay comes out of the rack and onto the tabletop
Erica Synths DIY Modules

Girts takes us through the updated eurorack DIY modules
Linnstrument 128

Smaller form Linnstrument
Expert Sleepers

Os takes us through the latest updates
Korg Monologue

We catch up with Korgs synth guy
Softube Updates

40 percent off - that'll do
Oberheim SEM X

PLus two classic FX for Eurorack
Dreadbox Abyss Poly

With interesting modulation possibilities
Denon DJ Range

Tour through the full Prime series range of DJ hardware
New Pocket Opertor

PO-32 Tonic New pocket operator drum synth
Koma Elektronik Filed Kit

We get a look at one of the most successful Kickstarters in our industry
MOK WaveRazor

Synth designer's new software synth
Tracktion on Pi

Single purpose Pi based applications

Piotr took us through the newest additions to their expanding range
Vermona Eurorack Prototypes

Thomas was on hand to take us through the new prototypes for 2017
WMD New Modules

Alex takes us through the range of upcoming modules
Presonus StudioLive 32

PreSonus unveils third-generation StudioLive Series III consoles

We talk to their creator
Brute Demo

Matrix Brute and Drum Brute Demo Jam
Elektron Drum Machine

And Overbridge updates
4ms New Modules

2 New modules from Dan Green
Windows Thunderbold Support

Universal Audio Windows Support Updates
Rev 2 Dave Smith

16 voices based on Prophet 8
Malekko Synth Boxes

Josh and Scott show us through their collaborative grooveboxes
Wednesday Live Stream

Behind the scenes on preview day
Qu-Bit Electronix

Andrew Ikenberry takes us through their offerings for 2017
Digital modular synthesizer

New Wireless Digital Modular Synthesizer
New From Pittsburgh

Richard Nichol was on hand to show of the new pieces in the Lifeforms range