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Mr Mieda - MS20 Creator

Translated by Volca creator - Synthgods!
Ploytec MIDI powered synth

Ploytec Pi L Squared - 2 Voice MIDI Powered Synth
CopperLAN Marches On

Latest developments include a new CME Keyboard
Eventide H9

Eventide show us their new multi fx pedal
Passive Pokket Mixer

2 channels, 3-band EQ, cue mix
Doepfer New Modules

New Serge slew, gate sequencer, MAQ Black
Raven MTi Touchscreen

Smaller format multi-touch screen
Nord Drum 2

More voices, more outs - well one more
ProTools 11 - features

We get an overview of the new Audio Engine
Korg Volca - Listen

Drums, B-line and analog poly - yes poly
Novation Bass Station II

We get an engineering preview
Nord Lead 4 Preview

Pre show sneak peak
d:facto vocal and 4099 instrument mics

Wins MIPA too - CEO explains why it's so good
New SM9 monitors from Focal

Foc'n'al they sound good! ;-]
Reavis Mitchell of BKE demos the Beat Thang

Reavis gets busy with the Beat Thang - Part 2 of 2
News of Beat Thang from BKE

Founder gives us the low-down - Part 1
Behringer Nekkst K Range

New monitors allow acoustic profiles
Gemini DJ Systems

Standalone DJ system and controllers
New B15N and PF-800 from Ampeg

BASS! Small size big sound... oh Yeah!
Neve 1073N and 500 series 88R-LB

Less money - more connections - no brainer
Impressive sounding monitors from Manger

We talk to Daniela Manger
TC Harmony Singer

With DemoMeister Tom Lang - it's a goodie!
SM Pro Audio New Modules

SM Pro Audio debuts Pre-Z Variable Impedance Microphone Preamplifier
Berhinger X32 Range

We take a look at the new models
Rode iXY Mic

Microphone for iOS turns your iPhone, iPad and iPod into a professional mic
Hotone Audio Tiny Stomps

We came across this tiny little stomps and thought they deserved some attention
Rode iOS Accessories

Pro accessories to help with the iXY mic
Fibanare - Tom Quayle

We bumped into Tom who was holding this beauty
Giant Metronome

That should keep you in time...
Alyseum modular patch

More modular synth control and a patchbay
SSL Sigma

SSL unveil Sigma remote controlled analogue mix engine
Yamaha HS Series

Range updated with new drivers and boxes
TRBX Series of basses

TRBX 300 and 500

We caught this guy using the Beamz as an effects controller
Alex4 Analog Distribution

Mr Schneiders Tells us all about it
CME XKey Poly Aftertouch

Now with app to edit key by key repsonse
Random Tone Generator

Randomly Generates Tones
U-He Satin Tape Machine

We take a look at the new tape simulator and find out you can really get under the hood
60th Anniversary Firebird

Firebird and Thunderbird 60th Anniversary models
MFB - Dominion 1 and Tanzbar

We get a look at this new analogue synth keyboard and new analogue drum machine
Thundverb Crush?

Thunderverb circuit with op amps?
Hayden Mofo Range

All new Hayden Mofo range
Offset Custom Shop

New Custom Shop 1w Marshall
Gary Moore Signature Les Paul

Gary Moore Signature Les Paul from Gibson
Chris Cornell Signature ES335

Lollars and a Bigsby...what's not to like?
Bass Station II Audio

This time you can hear it.
UAD Apollo 16

We get a look at the new software for the Apollo 16
iOS TonePrint Editor

TonePrint Editor makes it to the mobile market
Takemine Pro Series and Limited Editions

We look at the new guitars in the Pro series and some interesting inlays
WaveLab 8 with the WaveLab God

We got 10 minutes with the WaveLab God
Guild Traditional Series

Bren takes us through the new and limited guitars
Fender Classic and Cabronita Series

We get a look at the updates to both the classic and cabronita series
New 2013 additions from T-Rex

Alberta 2, Sweeper 2 and Goliath PSU

The worlds first USB3 audio interface
GuitarJack2 USB

This mobile interface is now available for your PC or Mac
Korg Kross First Look

We managed to get walk through of the new workstation
New Apollo 16 Launched

More IO, new software features