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  MESSE 2016: Patchblocks Eurorack by
  The Patchblocks formats comes to Eurorack

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3:19 mins    

  MESSE 2016: Avid Everywhere - Cloud Based Collaborative Working
  We get the run down

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 | Flash Video

  MESSE 2016: WaveLab Pro 9 - With the WaveLab God!
  Check out the new features for WaveLab 9

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   amped    MESSE 2016: This New Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar is Crazy!!
  Reverb and chorus inside the body of this acoustic guitar!!

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  MESSE 2016: Tascam New Product Range
  A new interface, bluetooth speakers and a neat looking portable mic/recorder

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
3:17 mins

  MESSE 2016: Teknosign - Digitally Controlled Analog Circuits
  Beautifully designed analog summing mixers and pre-amps

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  MESSE 2016: Antelope Audio LiveClock
  A portable BNC word clock for all your live clocking needs!

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
1:48 mins

  MESSE 2016: Zoom U-44 and U-24 Handy Audio Interfaces
  These neat little interfaces look very nice indeed!

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3:2 mins

  MESSE 2016: Arturia Keystep Demo, More Integrations
  Sebastien does his thing

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7:58 mins

  MESSE 2016: Theresyn - One Unique Theremin Inspired Instrument!
  Nori Ubukota takes us through his instrument

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
7:40 mins

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