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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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Greg Holwell a hobbyist user from Australia writes:
Was given this ISA card by a friend who preferred the DB50XG daughterboard equivalent in a box with digital outputs. Best used on Windows with XG-Gold which gives you 4-element QS300 sounds (about 3000 available) as well as XG. (I disagree that the Waveforce 192 and other YMF724-based PCI cards are inferior because as well as GM/GS/XG they have a latency-free VL70m physical-modelling synth emulation - "Sondius-XG" - when used with Windows 95/98/98SE.) Also has a bundled Effect Gear II app (best put in startup & turn XG Reset off in XG-Gold) which comes with parameter files for the A/D inputs, e.g. CD Karaoke and MIDI Karaoke - for Line input or Midi files respectively - which enable pitch-shifting and voice-cancel functions. Limitations: Speaker output is too low for the aux in on my stereo system, and the distortion/amp-sim on the mic is far too noisy.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-05-2011 at 19:38
German Zarkhy a professional user from Ukraine writes:
very interesting!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-13-2003 at 17:37
Andreas Nystrom a hobbyist user from sweden writes:
Actually, this board sounds great if you got it for $50 like i did. Take a listen to some XG-midis by Phaze1 for example. Pure joy.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-15-2000 at 09:57
Martin Demsky from Slovakia writes:
I use SW-60XG board almost two years and i am still very happy with its features. Board's output is connected to SoundBlaster's Live input and when i have completed MIDI composition i record all parts separately to wave files. Then i do multitrack editing & postprocessing with my favourite editor. Note that SW-60XG is not my only MIDI tool, it's part of my home studio and when i compare its sound (i mean quality of D/A and A/D converters) to other devices (Kurzweil K2500, Roland XP-80, Korg Trinity, software synthesis...) i must say, it is not lame, BUT different, not very punchy, some smoothing, definitely board is serious with its price. I'd also SW1000XG board, but i think it sounds same, in it was more voices, patches and effects, but i never used it because directX plugins offer more quality, but it's not only reason. Every company have their syndroms and it is good to have equipment from more manufacturers. I personally choosed to have only one Yamaha product from electronic instrument cathegory, although exists many more (sampler A3000, EX5, CS-2x, VL70m) i have checked. Best thing is controllers. You can control every sound with attack, release, filter and resonance and also with other standard controllers e.g. Expression pedal (variable volume), depth of fx send (reverb, chorus, variable), pitchbender, RPN's coarse and fine tunning, portamento, modulation etc. EVERYTHING in realtime and EVERYTHING you can correct after record with controllers and its parts (in your sequencer such as Cakewalk). This can guarantee fresh of your compositions and expressiveness of your performance. This is real power of XG standard, tabular work with sound engine. You can do that with all modern synths (Kurzweil K2500 for example), but if in machine is no "standard" you mu5t remember sound structure or create structure of controllers in setup. Since i am member of XG Developer program i use licensed version of XGEdit and this THING is really amazing. Before this date i'd in brain all System Exclusive commands to modify DSP effect units (reverb, chorus, variable), now i can use all that in realtime with virtual knobs! I don't use it for normal MIDI songs (except setting up environment at the beggining). For example i've good drumloop in MIDI sequencer, then I start XGEdit and do modifying effects, filters, envelope, modulation on channels where is that drumloop. If something sounds very good i record sequence to wave file. Don't forget to use drummap mode, then you can use different filter, pitch, effect settings on EVERY instrument in drum kit. Yes and i've found something strange in MIDI volume, when i start computer and run XG MIDI tune it sounds quiet, always must start application EffectGearII that comes on SW-60XG's CD and slide down/up MIDI volume setting. It is only technical problem, everything other works properly and also signal-to-noise ratio is very good.

Adios muchachos and sorry for my english knowledge

Martin Demsky

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-08-2000 at 15:19
DJLord from Finland writes:
Veeery cheap, little noisy, when using audio input its VERY noisy. I plugged my sampler Akai S20 thru card's effects and it really sucked....tons of noise... For my setup (Yamaha AN1x, Korg M3r, Alesis Quadrasynth, Akai S20, Yamaha VL70-m) sw60xg didn't gave any usable sounds. If u don't have any other eq or u want really cheap GM and XG sounds, this is it but otherwise forget it. Same quality XG sounds like MU50 based synths(cs1x etc). But for the price it's ok.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-09-1999 at 05:18
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