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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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Johanes Emmanuelli a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Well I will admit I was wrong about the FM7 vs the DX200+AN200 being simular but I can say that alot of the sounds on both machine match almost exactly the FM7 soft synth.I am playing the DX200 now...The glitches many speake of are not evident on mine..I switch beats,the play fine from one to the other.The dropped notes only happens with some sounds...the is the nature of the way that sound was programmed.You see..some sounds have evolving filter settings and as you play some nots seem to drop out..if you listen carefully you will hear those notes really muffled..that is the filter doing its crazy thing..I will admit that I am finding a real need for a portable multitrack AUDIO recorder to take full advantage of these pairs' sounds but that is a $400 problem I will have to solve LATER!Now,the sounds in the DX200 are like those of the DX7llFD...plain and simple..some are like the FS1r(formant sounds also found on the EX5).The AN200 added in makes the lot sound like the FM7 since the EXTRAS the fm7 do with FM is more oscillators and analog modeling...For those that never heard the duo the FM7 presets..mine came with some nifty sounds that were usable right out of the box.The DX200 and AN200 are not very good for reggaeton beats or arabic beats since only one bar can be recorded and played and as many have said..mono or REPLACE record is the default method of recording on this units.That said..lets forget the beats and sequ section.Now about those sampled sounds...i know they are not the BEST but funny thing..the layout and the selection of bass drums and snares and my fav indian tablas to name a few are in there!The sounds are meant to be for analog dance,techno or reggaeton beats.Ok..Now the real trouble with the samples is not so much the sounds is the fact that they are not sustained one shot playable without you pressing down the sustain pedal...Try hooking up and drummachine like the Boss DR770..the sounds play very short and abrupt on the pads..not good at all.Since the DR770 is not setup for sustain,you cannot use that machine for triggering these beat tracks,channels.U need a RM1x or RS7000 say.The RS7000 with both of these units and a portable multitracker(hdd or compact flash type please!)will make for the ideal portable setup and you will have many songs recorded!YES the price is now..8-19-06...$200 to $300 for each unit!Get going and get these if you are as the prices will sore like on the micro korg again!4 rating due to the lack of multitimbral play and bad beats section and very limited seq section

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-19-2006 at 15:44
SeanF a part-time user from the states writes:
I had one of these and I guess 4-years later, I am getting around to posting a review. :) Cool sounding box and pretty easy to program. I got really great riffs out of it and pretty quickly too. I liked the PC sound librarian too. Unfortunately the MIDI clock would float out of sync when slaved to my other gear, so I sold it and replaced it with an EA-1 and the MIDI problem was gone. I don't know if the clock float was a bug, but I have not had that problem with any other devices in my studio.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Apr-27-2006 at 02:38
dj calyx a part-time user writes:
Great classic FM sounds. The groovebox-ness of it is a little annoying. It's kind of nice that you can morph between two different patches, but it doesn't always end up sounding that good ...very steppy sometimes. Amazing sounds can be made. Having a MIDI CC controller is nice because you won't need to use the software/PC to program it. The knobs on the DX200 don't give you full control, but enough to be fun. I wish the built-in drum sounds on the DX200 were actually DX sounds, but alas, they are just samples and never get used. Good for their price and compactness.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-11-2005 at 22:50
jamEs a professional user from United States writes:
This is an ok box. I like it as a FM modual better than a sequencer. The sequencer can be a lot better. On the plus side its a lot better then lugging around my old DX-7. For a groovebox I'll stick to an MC 303.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-13-2004 at 18:08
Charlie.B. a part-time user from Chicago, Illinois writes:
My god- I have had this little box for over a year and a half now and the results I get from programming the DX 200 are so good, it makes me wanna ditch everything and go for broke on the DX 200. Just make an old school electro/ Industrial album with nothing but the DX 200.

To be fair to Korg users, this is the only desktop I have ever owned- most of my other synths (Waldorf Q+, MicroWaveXT, Access Virus b, Yamaha FS1r, TX 802, TX 81z, K2600s, and on and on) are fine, but not as fun as the Yamaha DX 200.

But it has its limitations- namely 16 steps. However, the inner functions more than make up for what is on the outside. And that VCF is ass anyway- but this is FM, and you don't need it to make bread and butter sounds or wierd sounds. The DX7 engine will do you fine for those cuckoo sounds you might wanna stumble into.

To add on to what another user said- the key word is amplitude modualtion. Take the AM on the lfo and crank it to suit your needs. Make a synth pattern. Turn the lfo rate down- and amplitude modulate one of the operators. I have stumbled on things I knew not before I met the DX 200- simply put FUNK ON A BROOM STICK. Yes, you can make the DX 7/ DX 200 fart and flirt if you are patient enough- it took me nearly eight years of on again off again love relationship with Yamaha DX 7 synthesizers.

My only wish, and it is too bad people want synths that are a knobs tweak away from oohhh-weee! good synth timres. The DX 7/ 200 and FS1r was a step in the right direction from Yamaha in an overwhelmingly banal synth market.

What I would like to see is a cross between a K2600s (32 layers in a program and 16 parts multitimbral) and a Q+ and an FS1r. Every layer FM (or AFM) and tweakable. Impossible yes. But I can always hope.

To all those that slag the beautiful DX 200, please read the manual. It is simple and a delight to read. I have had ZERO problems in downloading uploading anything for this synth.

One more thing. I applaud Yamaha for bringing back the DX 7 in various forms, but hows about another DX 200 with: four parts synth with 4-op/ 6-op capabilities, a killer drum machine (on the DX 200 it is rudimentary but still very useful), an output switch to change bits down like on the CSx6 and some inputs...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-17-2003 at 18:43
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