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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Tuomas a hobbyist user from finland writes:
I will buy that DX-plugin aswell, as soon as I get the money for it. The synth was really in a good shape! Not even finger prints, just like a new. Everything worked right. If I'd compare this second hand CS6x (which I paid 1100$) to a new one, the only difference would be the price. I saved about 350$. My plg150an-board should be in a post office on next friday. =) =) =) =)...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-12-2002 at 20:25
SCORPION writes:
tuomas dont forget to get the plg DX card as well to get some FM synthesis aswell.

posted Thursday-Apr-18-2002 at 00:39
Tuomas a hobbyist user from Finland writes:
Come on guys! Who's gonna use this synth alone? I just made a deal with a guy of cs6x. I propably get it on friday. It will cost me 1100$. I have owned a cs2x, which was a cool little beast for the first synth I ever owned, but when I got my fingers on cs6x's pads and basses at a local music store, I allmost got an orgasm! =) I decided that this is the next thing I have to get, may the consequences be whatever! The sound cannot be compared to other cs-series, I think. This beauty is a trance monster. Allso the keyboard has the best feeling I have ever seen. This machine rocks. I'm in trance/electro/ambient area and I'm allso using this gear: Korg MS2000, Waldorf MicroQ, Waldorf Pulse, MAM MB33 mk2, so cs6x will not be alone there. You could propably make a complete song with it, but if you combine it with some VA- and real analogue gear, it's gonna be a killer set. And guys, don't compare this machine to VA-things! There's no sense.

There's no doubt I'm making an order for PLG-ANx-board right away after I get this synth and find out it's not broken. In that case I'm gona jump from the third floor, where I live. =(

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-17-2002 at 18:39
Ryan Lunenfeld from Hempstead ,NY writes:
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posted Tuesday-Mar-26-2002 at 00:49
Kelly a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Excelent synth with a broad range of sounds.

Pros: Excelent sound quality, capable of making pads that last for (Litterally) minutes long to go through whole cycle, broad range of sounds, huge number of FX, Absolutly awsome selection of filters, Ribbon controller, decent drum kit, 3 band EQ rocks.

Cons: Interface is typical Yamaha. Not exactly intuitive programming, but anyone who has played a synth before and spends 3-4 serious days learning it shouldnt have a problem. Sampler is mono :P


Scene memory is pretty cool. Reverb and Chorus could sound better, but the rest of the FX (Tons of them) sound good. About 15 seconds after I figured out how to get the FX working I made a totally cool sound from scratch. What is really cool about the FX is that they can be turned on or off PER OSCILLATOR... which is pretty awsome. So many filters that I wont even list them.

The CS6x remains to be a secret weapon for many. I've heard several of it's presets in BTs music, and Faithless uses tons of the sounds from this thing.

Most CS6x owners feel that the CS6x is a very under-rated instrument.

Go to and then click on "Synth/Workstations" in the top left corner. From there, click on the speaker button and then scroll down to the Yamaha section and listen to the CS6x audio demos (They have most of them there... all recorded very well). CS6x sounds good doesnt it? :)

- Kelly

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-26-2002 at 00:49
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